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Business Intelligence Dictionary: Data Governance | NSBI Tutorials

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What is Data Governance?

The term Data Governance encapsulates all organizational processes related to gathering data, managing data and inferring knowledge from data. You may also think of Data Governance as a process of monetizing data in the context of recent business models where user data is considered the primary organizational product.

NSBI Tutorials aim to make Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DWH) attractive to non-technical people as well as to those who are now entering the field and are excited by the numerous ways data is changing our world. NSBI Tutorials are written and delivered by Nick Shopov, (BI Software Developer & DWH Consultant). Here is how to add Nick to your network on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Data Governance Example

Imagine you are running a website that teaches a foreign language to visitors. At some point you also introduce a new feature - exams  where visitors can login and test their knowledge in that specific language. One way to go is to treat this new feature simply as an innovation that brings more returning visitors to your website, or take it to the next level when it actually turns into a Data Governance tool. Here are few examples how you can turn exam data into an asset through data governance processes:

Example for Data Governance related strategy #1:

Create a list of excellent students (and their related public profile data) and sell it to a local recruitment agency that may be interested in candidates with foreign languages.

Example for Data Governance related strategy #2:

Analyze exam data to identify returning failing students that are struggling with a specific topic. Why not offer them additional learning materials or even face-to-face tutoring based on their geographical location?

The above simplified example demonstrates how Data Governance thinking model may introduce new opportunities to any organization that effectively gather and manage its data assets. Business Intelligence is the way organizations enforce data governance processes.