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Kimball Group Retiring?

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Kimball Group Retiring?

Margy Ross, President @Kimball Group came up with an important announcement yesterday: “Kimball Group Retiring in December 2015!” Announcement is also signed by Ralph Kimball himself.

This may be shocking for the majority of Kimball Group fans that had their first steps in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence together with the Kimball Group tutorials and leadership.

Kimball Group message also reveals that the months to retirement will not be a vacation at all. The spokesperson says that Kimball Group University Classes are scheduled till the end of the year and the “final tour” they say will be in mid December. Onsite Kimball Group classes will also be available on demand. For those who are looking for in-person consulting on specific organizational issues Kimball Group will be open for cooperation.

We will definitely stay tuned which way the Kimball Group will take after December 2015.

What is behind Kimball Group?

Ralph Kimball, the founder of the Kimball Group, is considered to be one of the architects of the modern data warehousing (DWH) and business intelligence world. He is well renowned for the Kimball DWH model which is treated as a standard in the DWH architecture. Kimball Group has been offering consulting, trainings and technology expertise for more than 25 years now.