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12th Hacktivity - independent IT security festival of Eastern and Central Europe

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Hacktivity is the Independent IT security festival of Eastern and Central Europe. IT experts will attend the two-day event where interesting programmes and presentation will await the participants.

IT security festival

A total of 30 presentations and 4 workshops, new techniques and new soultions. There will be a new section as well as lots of fun at this year's conference, including hacking and hardware contest. The keynote speaker is Felix Lindner, known as "FX" in the hacker community. He is founder and senior security consultant of Recurity Labs.

After researching the vulnerabilities of core networking devices and software Felix is now working on improving the Internet of the future. His knowledge covers a unique spectrum ranging from the development of secure languages to the strategic defense of critical infrastructure. In addition to listening to his keynote address, this conference will also give participants a special opportunity to have a chat with 'FX'. Attila Marosi and Omer Coscun will help participants get a deeper understanding of state-sponsored malware. Topics discussed in the Dome will include improving your security audits (aka„pentests”), improving your secure coding trainings, using a framework to implement ASVS properly and identifying security requirements via playing cards. Almost anything can be hacked nowadays and there is great potential in smart devices for hacking. Axelle Apvrille for instance will elaborate on how little we know about the security of trendy devices and will demonstrate how to hack Fitbit Flex. Sandbox-based malware analysis technologies and anti-APT systems will also be put under the microscope. Zoltán Balázs will present a complete collection of methodologies to detect analytical environments while Boldizsár Bencsáth will show that even cutting-edge security products can be bypassed by simple methods and will demonstrate how they „tricked” anti-APT solutions last year.
Hacking workshops for small groups called Hello Workshops will be held simultaneously to the presentations, welcoming those who want to improve their software analysis skills, are interested in forensics or curious about how to utilize the less well-known possibilities of widely known protocols.
This year’s Hacktivity will also host a roundtable discussion organized by Deloitte and held in Larus restaurant. Moderated by Iván Bedő (HVG magazine), the event will focus on IT security/education. Representatives of the trainers as well as their customers will be present to discuss topics such as the IT specialists’ education, the relationship between the IT industry and education, dialogue between the two fields etc.