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I Asked 21 Entrepreneurs How They Define Success. This Is What They Said

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Being an entrepreneur is like hiking in the mountain – the lower you are, the more attractive the top looks like; the higher you are, the more attractive the foot of the mountain looks like. Truth is that entrepreneurship is a mountain path full of obstacles, privation and burdens few people are ready to walk along till the end. Yet it’s easy to say "no" to distraction when there is a deeper "yes" burning within.

As part of the Bulgarian Young Leaders group I had the pleasure and privilege to spend month and a half on an educational, cultural and networking exchange in the USA on a program, funded by America for Bulgaria Foundation and administered by the Institute of International Education.

Harvesting the opportunity to speak personally with highly successful entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen I was constantly looking for the patterns of their personal motivation to leave the safety harbor of a well paid employment status. I asked 21* of them how they define success in business and life. This is what they answered:

Gregg Bishop, Assistant Commissioner Small Business Services, NY
Using metrics to make sure that business is growing – create more jobs, make more connections, make more successful startups.

Devon Harris, Founder & CEO at Ochre
Being happy and be on a place where my family and I are not concerned about any resources.

Carl Pforzheimer III, Director of the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund
Depending on age priorities change. In young age it is about wealth. When you get older your success is measured by the success of your children.

Claudine DeSola, Founder & CEO at Caravan Stylist Studio
I control my success. The simple biggest measure is happiness.

Dr. Laurence Morse, Chairman of National Association of Investment Companies, VC
Finding a way to understand what you enjoy and how to make money of it.

Cliff Lee, Founder & CEO at SidewalkAd
I would like to enable small business and create a sustainable business myself.

Becky, Founder & CEO at a [45+ women fashion brand]
I would like to build a brand and start selling as soon as possible and for as long as possible.

Roland, Founder & CEO at a [Hawaian branded goods retail business]:
I would like to fully automate my business so I can work no more than 24h a week.

Colby Sato, Founder & CEO at Qonfide.com
Success is when I hear that my work is helping other people.

Angelo Santinelli, Professor at Babson College
It has nothing to do with financial. It is much to do with the family – raising children as well productive members of the society.

Richard Grundy, Founder & CEO at Flomio
After the real estate crisis money started playing even more important role.

Sharon Kan, Serial Entrepreneur: Co-Founder & CEO at Tikatok
Success is learning from failures.

Guillermo Perez-Vargas, Serial Entrepreneur: Publisher of Entrepreneur Magazine
You realize you are successful when you have changed the way of living of many people.

Maria Ibanez, Serial Entrepreneur: Founder & CEO at El Latino 
Success is the determination to reach your goals.

Orlando Roche, Regional Manager for Sabadell Bank
Success if finding balance between your passion at work and your family. 

Jack Karabees, President at consultadoctor.com
Journey is the reward. You cannot use money as a measurement. If you are not happy and you don’t enjoy it, there is nothing to buy back your time. If you are miseable, it aint worth it.

Mary Hernandez, Regional Manager for the US Small Business Administration
As a public servant I define success as the number of people and businesses I have helped.

John Fleming, Serial Entrepreneur: Biztega Partners
Success is having your father and your son standing with you in the same room and you be convenient with your business and personal life.

Vera Toncheva, Bulgarian Young Leaders Group
Success is a state of mind.

Todor Sarakchiev, Bulgarian Young Leaders Group
Success is being in peace with yourself – creating, loving and sharing!

Dileep Rao, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Florida International University
In the end of my life I don’t want to say I should have, I would have, I could have.

Which definition do you like most? What is your definition of success? Get in touch with me on Google+ or define your own success with nickshopov.com

*Quotes are chronologically extracted from personal talks.