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iPhone 5 benchmarks surface: Performance doubles

<a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/iPhone+5'>iPhone 5</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/benchmark'>benchmark</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/performance'>performance</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/iPhone+4S'>iPhone 4S</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Apple'>Apple</a>, <a href='http://morningbiznews.com/en/search/Geekbench'>Geekbench</a>

The iPhone 5's A6 processor appears to be roughly twice as fast as any chip in an existing iOS product, if results posted by Geekbench prove to be accurate.

The results show a score of 1,601, beating the dual-core A5 and A5X processors in the iPhone 4s and third-generation iPad (Retina), respectively.

Previous benchmarks of the Retina iPad show a score of 794 (iPad with 3G/4G). The iPhone 4S posted a score of 631.

If these iPhone 5 benchmarks are legitimate, they would match Apple's claims. "With the new A6 chip, just about everything you do on iPhone 5 is noticeably faster -- up to twice as fast compared with the A5 chip," Apple states on its iPhone 5 features page.

The quoted article can be read here