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10 most essential jobs for delivering IT as a business

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  1. Automation architect. Designs, implements, and maintains the automation system
  2. Service manager. Has ultimate responsibility for the services -- "will own that service (and service delivery) from cradle to grave."
  3. Process manager.  "Like the service manager, the process manager has ultimate responsibility for the processes under his or her jurisdiction."
  4. Service designer. Oversees services assembly using the principles of systems engineering.
  5. Financial manager. Brings business sensibilities and discipline to service development.
  6. IT marketing manager.  Sells IT services to the rest of the organization -- highly needed, O'Donnell says.
  7. Sourcing and vendor manager. Works with available suppliers and vendors for tools and systems.
  8. Capacity manager. Controls IT infrastructure "in such a way that resource shortages are anticipated and corrected before they occur no matter if on-premises or off-premises solutions and infrastructure are used."
  9. Problem manager. Able to "comprehend dependencies and has the ability to see through the mess to identify and resolve problems that cause recurring incidents."
  10. Knowledge engineer. "Responsible for encouraging, enforcing, and creating a knowledge management process and disseminating knowledge across the organization."

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