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5 Ways to Brand Your Name Professionally

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You must take a side! You cannot be indifferent anymore because the digital world is taking over. You have a choice to be “invisible” online or brand your “visibility”. Taken down to operational level you have the choice to use all the tools available to make yourself known with what you want or pay no attention at all so nobody can find you online. Chances are that sooner or later, want it or not, somebody will publish something about you (and it may not be very nice), so you’d better be in control – be “nicely visible” than “invisible”.

Here are my 5 tips to brand yourself online that I apply on nickshopov.com

1. Be on the social networks

You do not need to be everywhere, be there where you can benefit from. I use Nick Shopov on Facebook (everybody is there), Nick Shopov on LinkedIn (my professional network is there), Nick Shopov on Twitter (I use the hash tag functionality to follow topics), Nick Shopov on Google+ (nice news source and increases google visibility). These are the musts. Next come any regional networks you are interested in. I am interested in the Russian and Asian markets so I maintain Nick Shopov on VKontakte (following the Russian speaking world) and NickShopov on RenRen (following the Chinese speaking world). You may also want to make a DisqUs account which aggregates all your comments from supporting web sources.

But Nick, how you control all that? I will let you know in another blog publication not to bother those who are not interested.

2. Mind your tongue

More important than being there is what you are doing there. Google (the Master) judges you for your words (in reality people judge you for your actions). It is said that if you use more than three Google services (count yours?) eventually Google may know more about you analyzing the data than yourself. It is scary but this is the price we pay. So mind your posts. And, God, please adjust your privacy settings (disable tags at least) on Facebook so you be in control who sees what (use the improved lists).

3. Blog professionally

It is cute that you like kitties and follow all international sport events but this is unlikely to impress your prospect employer (unless you are a vet or sports journalist). Consider your field of competency and start blogging about it. Eventually the Master will start connecting the dots in your favor and you will be known for what you can contribute. This is the time when you consider reading a little bit about SEO. In this line of thoughts we will be happy to welcome you to our team. Contact us.

4. Register yourname.com

It is stylish and it is professional. Most of all – it is for a lifetime and not connected to any present or past employer. It may include your personal or professional views and you are the sole administrator. Don’t forget a memorable tagline and some personal/business manifesto who you are what you fight for.

5. Be the same offline

Nothing is more pathetic than pretending to be something you are not. Everybody knows this, even you know it and won’t feel good about it (unless you are from the happy majority of unscrupulous people out there). Attend local events and develop a networking habit. As I like to say – “Don’t talk the talk, unless you are ready to walk the walk.” Be good and keep walking!