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Inspiring story carved with love and dug with hammer and nails

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Have you ever wondered what determination can do to a man's life? Have you ever wondered what your mission is? This story is about determination in a world not so many of us know or would ever encounter.

His name is Dashrath Manjhi, known as the Mountain Man, born and raised in a poor family in India. Early in life he experienced the pain of helplessness – this burning feeling that you love somebody so much and you lack any options to help out.

His wife passed away due to lack of medical treatment as the nearest town with a doctor was 75 km away from their village and was unreachable on foot.

For the next 22 years this man found a purpose! Using a hammer, chisel and nails, he worked day and night to make a tunnel through the hills. The masterpiece of his manual work was 80 meters long, 10 meters high, 6 meters wide passage through the mountain that reduced the distance to the nearest hospital from 75 to 1 km.

“The Mountain Man died in 2007” some would say. I would rather say that he just found the dreamt shortcut to his wife and peace in his soul.

With eyes fixed on technology we often forget that changing one’s world may only require a hammer and a chisel, and a pinch of determination. 

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