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Jolla nabs 200m funding, preps MeeGo OS for licensing in mid-2013

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Finnish smartphone start-up Jolla Mobile has secured €200m in funding to feed its aim of releasing a MeeGo-based mobile operating system.

The funding will come from a number of partners in Jolla's newly established ecosystem alliance, the company announced on Tuesday. While Jolla is yet to name the partners in question, it has said they will include chipset vendors, OEMs, ODMs, operators and retailers and that the alliance will be based in Hong Kong. Jolla itself will contribute €10m to the funding pot, Jolla's chief Jussi Hurmola told the Wall Street Journal.

Jolla, formed by a group of ex-Nokia workers, confirmed its forthcoming Meego OS, now codenamed 'Sailfish', will be ready to be licensed by device makers, design houses and service companies by spring 2013.

Jolla has also selected a new datacentre in Hong Kong to support its plans to rapidly build up its ecosystem. The facility, to be housed at Hong Kong's Cyberport facility, will host Jolla's data, productisation facilities, collaboration services and cloud services, the company said.

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