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Pioneer cues up DDJ-SX Serato controller, adds performance pads to the mix

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Pioneer's had a little bit of a new-product spree of late, and it isn't over yet. The DDJ-SX. For those of you familiar with the firm's naming convention, this means it's a software controller with a Serato flavor. As such, integration with the popular DJ application is tight, and includes dual deck, slip mode, FX mode and hot cue functionality. The four-channel mixer section can be used with external hardware, which you can hook up via a pair of phono inputs, and, as usual, the DDJ-SX can be used as a MIDI controller with other software should you so desire. As for outputs, you've the choice between XLR and RCA, as well as a separate output for the DJ booth, and as it has its own audio interface, there's no need to bring anything else in there with you.

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