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What Is Wrong With Alibaba, Whatsapp And The World?

Category: Leadership | |

Everybody is talking about #Alibaba and #JackMa turns to be the next entrepreneurs' idol for but I want to share another perspective here. $186,000,000,000 is the value of a company that does not own a product and its core disruptive idea is to help companies sell cheap fake commodities to other people...Read more


9 Excuses That I Heard And 9 Answers That I Gave | Nick Shopov

Category: Leadership | |

People can look for excuses or they can look for solutions, but they cannot do both in the same time. Here is a list of common excuses I heard and what I replied about them... Excuse #1: I don’t have enough money. NS: Be the best in what you are doing and money will flow. Be critical for what...Read more


On The Meaning of Life via Victor Frankl

Category: Leadership | |

[..] The question was whether an ape which was being used to develop poliomyelitis serum, and for this reason punctured again and again, would ever be able to grasp the meaning of its suffering. Unanimously, the group replied that of course it would not; with its limited intelligence, it could not enter...Read more


Do Not Think of Work as a Burden

Category: Leadership | |

Don't think of work as a burden, work is the common language between all living creatures. It is a wonderful way to express yourself, to show the world what you care about and what you are capable of. This is just as true for a bird building a nest for its family, as to a miner breaking rocks to bring...Read more


How to Become a Respected Leader | Nick Shopov

Category: Leadership | |

Recently I came back to this old good quote: “Nobody loves managers, everybody loves leaders.” Love is very personal – let’s call it respect. How to be respected leader in your organization and how to become a respected manager in your team? Here are my top 3 actionable goals that I...Read more


Workplace Wellbeing Gains Support from Government

Category: Leadership | |

Is workplace wellbeing valued as much as it should be? Outside of HR circles it’s certainly a term that we don’t hear as often as we should. After all, workplace wellbeing is something that reaches far beyond the workplace itself – and can have a positive effect on employees’ lives...Read more


Afraid Of Being Fired? These 4 Jobs Will Never Get You Fired

Category: Leadership | |

Are you being spewed out by technology? Many of you would know the feeling I believe. Technology transforming education and knowledge availability have thrown many old tmers into serious employment gaps, not being able to cope with the new minimum requirements of the job market. However this same...Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 02.Jan.2014

Category: Leadership | |

7 Vital Business Lessons You Can Learn From The Hunger Games; How To Stop Caring What Others Think; 6 Valuable Life Lessons Shared By A 17 Year Old Boy Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 31.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How Walt Disney Can Help You Become Successful; Top 10 startup trends for 2014; 73% of adults used social networks in 2013 (and teens don’t like it) Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 24.Dec.2014

Category: Leadership | |

5 Ways To Manifest Your Reality With The Power of Visualization; Serious Advice For Young Entrepreneurs; How Walt Disney Can Help You Become Successful Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 19.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How Do You Know If You're Ready For Venture Capital?; 3 Steps Third Age Entreprenuers Should Take To Stay Innovative.; 8 gifts to make the entrepreneur in your life happy Read more


Top 3 in Entrepeneurship on 16.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid; Leadership Is About Emotion; If You Want To Be Successful, Don't Confuse Being Busy With Getting The Right Things Done Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 10.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Key Steps To Building Your First Small Business Website; Successful Customer Relationships: It's A Two-Way Street; 3 Essential Habits Of Productive Entrepreneurs Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 09.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

6 Valuable Life Lessons Shared By A 17 Year Old Boy; 2 Ways to Stay Positive When Dealing With Negative People; The 5 Hidden Warning Signs That You Have Low Self Confidence  Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 06.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Startup Location Is Still A Critical Success Factor; 10 Terms You Must Know Before Raising Venture Capital; 10 Famous Creative Minds That Didn't Quit Their Day Jobs Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 04.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Gift Card The 10 Cities With The Best Employee Engagement Five Ingredients Entrepreneurs Need To Succeed Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 02.Dec.2013

Category: Leadership | |

7 Powerful Facebook Statistics You Should Know About; How To Turn Large Companies Into Customers; The Best (And Only) Tips You Need for the Office Holiday Party Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 27.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How to Recognize Your Extraordinary Gifts and Abilities; How to Overcome Entrepreneur “Shiny Object Syndrome” In 4 Simple Steps; 5 Reasons Why Your Exercise Program Failed and What to Do About It Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 26.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

5 Reasons Why Most Life and Business Coaches Fail; Dare To Be DIFFERENT – 4 Insights To Start Living; 6 Lessons of Success We Can All Learn from Dale Carnegie   Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 25.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Why Insecurity May Be The Key To Success; 7 Ways To Give Presentations That People Actually Care About; Take My Job, Please! Your Essential Guide To Succession Planning   Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 21.11.2013

Category: Leadership | |

5 Motivational Lessons Michael Jordan Taught Us; 5 Positive Things That People Forget When They Are Feeling Down And Out; 15 Thoughts That Will Lead You To Success   Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 20.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The Art Of Doing Everything; How Incredibly Lazy People Can Form Productive Habits; 17 Productive Ways To Spend 5 Minutes Instead Of Checking Your Email (Again   Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 18.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Confronting Employees; Pulpit Bullies: How Dominating Leaders Hurt Team Performance; How to Communicate Effectively at Work Read more


New Media Services Employees Give to Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Category: Leadership | |

Baguio City, Philippines- In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, Australian web and mobile company New Media Services joins the world in bringing hope to hundreds of Filipino families devastated by the super typhoon. Starting today, Rossking, the Philippine headquarters of NMS located within the Baguio City...Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 13.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Ways A Small Company Differentiated Itself From The Big Boys; 5 Steps to Building a Business Book Club; Create a best-in-class virtual-banking experience Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 13.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Ways A Small Company Differentiated Itself From The Big Boys; 5 Steps to Building a Business Book Club; Create a best-in-class virtual-banking experience Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 12.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How A Cup Of Tea Makes You Happier, Healthier, And More Productive; How Managing Your Time Is a Waste of Time; 8 Crazy and Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Business Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 08.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Why You're Branding Even When You Think You're Not;  5 New Rules For Winning -- And Keeping -- Customers; 10 Ways Women Can Dare To Grow Their Businesses Big     Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 06.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

My week with a virtual assistant 10 Warnings Signs You're A Compulsive Networker If You Build It, They May Not Come: Budget Ahead For Startup Marketing Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 05.Nov.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Why Too Many Startups Run Out of Money Too Fast; How to Motivate Employees in Less Than 5 Minutes; The Secret to Making Customers Passionate About Your Brand Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 29.Oct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

3 Popular Time-Management Tricks That Don't Work; How To Turn Negative Feedback Into Something Positive; Using Colors To Become Successful Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 28.ct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

9 Ways To Create A Stress-Free Work Environment; How to Eliminate Habits Holding You Back From Success; Why The Competition Isn't Your Business Enemy   Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 24.ct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The Secret to Closing More Sales: Talk Less;   Successful Crowdfunding Is About More Than Money; 3 Effective Strategies To Deliver A Solid Public Speaking Performance   Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 21.ct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

5 Simple Ways to Stand Out Among Your Business Competitors; 6 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Always Do; 3 Life-Changing Habits of High Performers Read more


Tp 3 in Entrepreneurship on 18.Oct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

A Startup Guide For Making Your First Executive Hire; The top 25 highest paying companies for software engineers;  Planting A Startup Garden Read more


Top 5 in HR on 16.October.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Tips for Effective Exit Interviews The complete automation of human resources is near. Mentor Or Martyr? Beware The Rescuer Trap! are job candidates entitled to feedback? Seven Common Career Fears (and How To Overcome Them) Read more


Tp 3 in Entrepreneurship on 16.Oct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

To Be More Successful, Make One 'Warm Call' A Day; 6 things wrong with the ‘Lean Startup’ model (and what to do about it); Marketing Materials: What Really Does a New Business Need? Read more


Top 5 in HR on 15.October.2013

Category: Leadership | |

HR Technology….Why Should I Care? 18 Things To Bring On A Job Interview 5 Ways Email Makes Your Employees Miserable 'I Quit': Beware The Viral Resignation 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Creating More Effective Job Postings Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 15.ct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

11 things to know before visiting; 10 Questions to Ask When Making Your Personal Life Awesome; Why Intellectual Property Allows You to Be An Entrepreneur Read more


Top 7 in HR on 14.October.2013

Category: Leadership | |

5 Cover Letter Red Flags for Employers 5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Career Success Job-Hunting Dilemma: 5 Reasons Why You Didn't Make The Cut How to Deal With Bad References Should I quit my job of 15 years? Make Mistakes Work For You how long should it take a...Read more


Tp 3 in Entrepreneurship on 13.ct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

7 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week; 5 Ways to Coach Your Employees to The Top of Their Game; What Your Banker Isn't Telling You Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 10.Oct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

5 Steps to Better Performance Reviews; 5 Places Your Great Ideas Are Hiding And How to Set Them Free; What Your Office Design Says About You As a Leader (And It Isn't Pretty) Read more


Get the Right People on the Bus

Category: Leadership | |

Around two years ago when I was making my Erasmus exchange in the University of Maribor, Slovenia while searching for materials in the faculty library I came across a book which title immediately caught my attention.  It was called “Good to Great” written by Jim Collins. And honestly, for...Read more


op 3 in Entrepreneurship on 09.Oct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How Do you Motivate Yourself and Stay Focused?; 1 Lesson From A Fast Track Billionaire; One Small Business Shows The Advantages of Offering Facility Tours Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 02.Oct.2013

Category: Leadership | |

3 Timeless Lessons From A Successful Entrepreneur; Is Your To-Do List Actually Just A Productivity-Killing "List Of Shame"?; Why Your Employees Aren't Following You Read more


Top 3 in Entrepreneurship on 30.Sept.2013

Category: Leadership | |

6 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week; 8 Must-Dos that Make Good Leaders Great; How to Jump From Startup to Startup Without Hurting Your Career   Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 20.Sept.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Questions That Will Change Your Business Forever; The New Rules Of Business Etiquette; Are You Busy Being Busy? Four Tips For Effectiveness Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 18.Sept.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How to Find the Perfect Co-Founder; Do You Have The Courage To Survive And Thrive As An Entrepreneur?; How to Find a Personal Trainer for Your Business Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 17.Sept.2013

Category: Leadership | |

10 Hot Cities for Entrepreneurs; 5 Startup Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again; 5 Easy Ways to Take Control of Bookkeeping Without Wasting Your Time Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 16.Sept.2013

Category: Leadership | |

6 Startup Events and News to Know About This Week; Why Your Employees Need to Make More Mistakes; Do Nice People Succeed in Business? It Depends   Read more


Top 6 in HR on 12.September.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Are Your Interview Questions Creative or Crazy? How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring 10 Entrepreneurs Tell Us: The Interview Questions You Should Be Asking Recharge Your Career With A Big Idea Beautiful People Have Yet Another Advantage In Job Market Resume Mistakes That...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 10.Sept.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Forget Brainstorming, Try Brainswarming Instead; Four Tips For Working, Living And Starting Up With Your Spouse; How to deal with a depressed dog Read more


Top 5 in HR on 04.September.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The 3 Myths of Employee Engagement Programs Lifelong Learning: It’s Part of Your Job Description Your Nice Boss May Be Killing Your Career Soft Skills in the C-Suite How A Mentor Can Help Your Career Read more


Top 5 in HR on 02.September.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How Much Employee Turnover Really Costs You Purpose of Exit Interview + 3 Tips on How Honest You Should Be Getting Energized at Work [infographic] my staff keeps going to their old manager 5 Recruiting Habits Of Successful Leaders Read more


Tp 5 in Entrepreneurship on 02.Sept.2013

Category: Leadership | |

7 Lessons About Customer Service … From the Sage Listens Tour; How To Become An Overnight Sensation; Want to Grow Your Business? Get Out of the Way; How healthy is your business? 6 ways to take the "temperature"; Hate Risk? You Could Be The Perfect Entrepreneur Read more


Top 6 in HR on 27.August.2013

Category: Leadership | |

how to repair a bad job history Constructing Your Career Castle My Boss Refuses to Delegate: 360 Answers How to Build a Teamwork Culture How To Write A Great Job Description The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Employee Read more


The Inspiring Holy Wits Journey

Category: Leadership | |

On the 26th of July 2013 five bikers and a production team started their 3000km long journey through 12 European countries which they  realized in 30 days.  Czech Republic – Istanbul – Thessaloniki – Venice – Aquileia and back to the Czech Republic, this is the trace of...Read more


Top 4 in HR on 16.August.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The Week at Work: 13 Things We Learned The Debt Collection Company that Helps You Get a Job The 10 Best Places To Live For Jobs 5 Unique Recruiting Ideas That Paid Off Big Time       Read more


Top 5 in HR on 15.August.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How to Make a Job Offer Research: What CEOs Really Want from Coaching Trends in Mobile Recruitment Adoption Keeping Employees Motivated Through Transition Coaching Culture? Are You Sure? Read more


Top 7 in HR on 12.August.2013

Category: Leadership | |

why are employers so rude and inconsiderate to job hunters? What to Do Before Every Interview Three Reasons Your Best Employees Don't Feel Recognized 6 Ways To Crack The 'Hidden' Job Market Top 4 Resume Posting Sites How to Answer the One Question Every Interviewer...Read more


Top 4 in HR on 9.August.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The 20 Most Memorable Job Search Stunts Is Your Documentation in Order? Video Resumes 25 Toughest Companies To Interview With Read more


Top 6 in HR on 8.August.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Is 'Sales' Part Of Everyone's Job Description? Do You Really Have To Stay At A Job For One Year? Top 10 Ways to Destroy Motivation at Work 5 More Resume Red Flags for Employers Survey: The Most Outrageous Things Job Hunters Did In Interviews  Building...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 6.August.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Negotiating Your Salary In A Difficult Economy 10 Things Job Seekers Hate About Recruiters Do You Need a Résumé in the LinkedIn Era? 5 Job Search Strategies to Help You Stand Out to Employers Why Effective Employee Job Descriptions Make Business Sense Build a...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 26.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Stop Screwing Up Your Job Search In These Ten Ways How To Turn A Temp Position Into A Full-Time Job Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results 4 HR Misconceptions Your Managers Believe How To Hire A Programmer (Even If You Don't Know Code) Read more


Logo Design Gone Wrong: 10 Offbeat Examples

Category: Leadership | |

When starting a business, coming up with a name and a logo for your company is extremely important and can definitely set up the stage for success or failure. Sometimes words and pictures can be deceiving and can create an unwanted attention and for all the wrong reasons. This article brings up a few...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 25.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Why Unqualified Candidates Get Hired Anyway The Elements of (Employee) Attraction Benefits of Taking Extra Time and Effort to Find Right People for Your Business 3 Reasons Why 'Good Jobs' Are Vanishing 3 Most Important Traits of an HR Professional – From the...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 24.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

A Hidden Risk of Big Organizational Change How to Fix the Bad Employee Syndrome How HR can master strategy Managing Your Employees Why Taking Breaks is Essential for Any Work Can You Trust Your Employees? Read more


Top 6 in HR on 23.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

10 Jobs That Employers Are Desperate To Fill 'No Photo On Your Resume' And Other Career Advice You Should Question  Turn Good Recruiting into Great Recruiting Recruit a Deeper Talent Pool The New War Gathering Over Recruiting Technology Read more


Top 6 in HR on 22.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

should I leave my first job if I’m not learning hard skills? Employers and employees divided over value of vocational training Nine Recruiting and Selection Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring Recruiting In the Age of Job Hopping 6 Mistakes You Should Never Make On LinkedIn ...Read more


Powerful Motivational Words

Category: Leadership | |

One of the key motivational words that can be used to influence people (in a good way) is the word, ‘because’.  Why is this so effective? Again it goes back to our childhood when our parents or teachers often used it without actually qualifying the word. The expression; “Because I...Read more


How to avoid procrastination

Category: Leadership | |

Are you one of those people that get things done, but it usually takes some time? Do you get the feeling at the back of your head that you need to do some important things, but there is never enough time for them? Do reasons along the line that you are tired from work, you prefer to meet with friends and...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 18.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

5 Reasons You Should Volunteer Abroad Big Brain Theory 5 Tips For Surviving The Rapidly Changing Workplace The Complete Guide To Working In A Heat Wave 4 Ways to Let your Body do the Talking Read more


Top 5 in HR on 17.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

6 Reasons to Conduct new Hire Surveys 10 Interview Questions You Should Be A Pro At Answering 3 Signs That Tell Your Boss You're Ready For A Promotion Blogging for Candidates: Four Tips for Starting Your Recruiting Blog Pay It Forward With The Five-Minute Favor   Read more


Top 5 in HR on 15.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

How To Succeed In Business Without Becoming A Manager Don't Worry About Robots Stealing Jobs — This Has Been Happening For Centuries! How to Become an Employer of Choice 10 Behaviors Leaders Should Always Avoid Three Top Companies, Three New Approaches to Recruitment Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 15.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Can Financial Markets Be Good?; Leadership Playbook: 3 Ways to Coach, Not Criticize, Employees; 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Focus on Venture Capital; The Summer of Downtime 3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy Read more


10 Blogs Entrepreneurs Need to Be Reading

Category: Leadership | |

As you can probably guess by the name of the article, I am going to present you with 10 websites that might be a very interesting source if you want to gain more knowledge or ideas about entrepreneurship. I have found that one of the most important things in life for me personally is reading and...Read more


Top 4 in HR on 12.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How to Zip It in Job Interviews Interview Etiquette: A Guide employer offered me a job but refuses to tell me the salary Dear Judy Job Jumper…. Read more


Top 7 in HR on 09.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

10 Weirdest Things Said and Done in Job Interviews Transition to a Career in Human Resource Management 5 Tips to Improve Your Career Development Mel Kleiman Making Interviewing Meaningful Questions a Strategic HR Manager Asks Before Hiring Behavioral Interviewing: A Strategic...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 08.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

6 Ways Mentors Elevate Your Career What Job Does HR Really Do? Salary Not a Top Consideration for Most Job Seekers Make your train the trainer program effective with these tips There’s No Crying In The Workplace… Why Employee Engagement Is Not Just The Job Of...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 06.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

5 Startup Culture Crises That Need Immediate Action How Entrepreneurs Should Use Their Accountants How One Young Entrepreneur Built a Credit Card   Read more


Are You a Motivator? Read This Now!

Category: Leadership | |

Continuing our discussion on motivating other people as employers, entrepreneurs and leaders, we are exploring motivational methods and language. In our previous post we spoke about using the words ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ to  improve the chances of people reacting favourably...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 05.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

How To Screen Out The Sociopath Job Candidate 12 Business Incubators Changing The World 5 HR Forms Websites for an Organized Company Why Older Workers are More Cost Effective 9 Boring, Normal Jobs Some Of The Biggest Names In Tech Had Before They Became CEOs Read more


15 Ways Parents Can Promote Entrepreneurship

Category: Leadership | |

Nowadays, it looks like the world is going by us faster than ever before and we are always busy with work. It is very easy to get carried away and start postponing things for the weakened, next week or next month, but when it comes to your kids you can’t leave today’s work for tomorrow. I...Read more


p 3 in Entrepeneurship on 05.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

10 Lessons For Entrepreneurs on Building Trust; Your blog won’t make money — but write anyway; 5 awesome innovative gadgets made in the U.S.A. Read more


Top 5 in HR on 04.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

The 9 Hottest Trends in Corporate Recruiting Don’t Let the Wrong Clothes Cost you the Right Job 8 Common Job Search Mistakes from New Grads 4 Reasons your Hiring Process Stinks How to Recruit and Hire International Interns Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 04.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

7 Entrepreneur Actions to Balance Family vs Startup; 5 Strategies Thought Leaders Use to Get Followers; How to Take a Summer Vacation From Your Small Business Read more


Top 5 in HR on 03.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

What’s in Store for Job Market in Second Half of 2013? 10 Ways to Find Your Own Personal Strengths How To Really Listen To Others Maybe a Facebook Photo of Someone Drinking a Beer Isn’t So Bad This Memory-Linking Technique Can Help You Remember Anyone's Name ...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 01.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

How To Cope With A Job Interview Rejection 4 Questions to Avoid Asking During a Job Interview 11 Reasons People End Up Unhappy With Their Lives 8 Ways to Get your Recruiting Career Off to the Right Start 3 Business Reasons to Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 02.July.2013

Category: Leadership | |

What's The Next Big Thing After Greek Yogurt?; Are You a Dreamer or Are You a Visionary?; 18 Leadership Quotes To Help You Grow & Inspire Others Read more


Top 6 in HR on 1.July 2013

Category: Leadership | |

At Work: One size doesn't fit all on leadership 10 Big Companies Hiring The Most In Marketing Right Now You Need Other People To Explain Your Weaknesses To Understand Them 6 Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer 5 Ways Business School Can Ruin Your Life 10 Biggest...Read more


Top 4 in HR on 28.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

A Job For Hitler Lookalike Four Career Coaching Books For Your Summer Reading List When Your Work Holds You Hostage Is There A Link Between Job Interview Performance And Job Performance? Read more


Top 4 in HR on 27.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The importance of measuring learning and development LET THE JOB SEARCH GAME BEGIN Why Legal Secretaries Can't Find Jobs 6 Simple Steps To Fixing Resume Flaws   Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 27.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Ways to Keep Your Marketing Materials Current; How to Better Run Your Business? Nature Knows; Two And A Half Who? Charlie Sheen Back On Celebrity 100 As He Awaits $200 Million Payday Read more


Top 7 in HR on 26.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Extreme Team Building 7 Best Rejection Letters Of All Time How to win at recruitment In The Future, Everyone Will Job Hunt Like This How To Find The Perfect Job: 4 Steps More Offices Offer Workers Alcohol Why Not Stay Interviews Instead of Exit Interviews? Read more


Top 5 in HR on 25.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Why Some Employees Need To Be Fired Top Reasons Why Employees Quit Seven recruitment tools you need Tips on how to improve your resume Help! My Job Is Draining Me Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 25.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Many Entrepreneurs Pick the Wrong Advisors for Help; What’s the right age for kids to learn to code?; Too Many Passwords, One Startup Looks To Solve The Problem Read more


Effective Motivational Language

Category: Leadership | |

Most of our preceding Blog posts have been about becoming and staying motivated, setting and getting goals and have centred around being motivated. We are often in a position however, where the requirement is for us to actually motivate other people. Motivate other people Whether or not you are in...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 24.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Job Search Nightmares That Could Happen to You 7 Tips To Help Land That Internship Is The US Turning Into A Nation Of Temps? Never let your career stop! How To Pick And Stick To Career Goals Read more


3 Things You Should Do When In Business

Category: Leadership | |

Create a business plan. This usually is one of the things that look like the most tedious for a lot of people, but at the same time it is a really important part in starting a business or even running an already existing one. What I remember from my classes is that in order to create a business...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 21.June 2013

Category: Leadership | |

Staying Competitive: Five Must-Ask Questions for Your Recruiting Strategy How to Get Yourself Fired By and On the Internet What Sets Exceptional Interviewers Apart How To Know If Your Summer Internship Is Illegal 5 Ways to Stop Feeling Insecure in Your Relationships Read more


Top 5 in HR on 20.June 2013

Category: Leadership | |

How to Get Employees to Think Like an Owner Google HR Boss Explains Why GPA And Most Interviews Are Useless 5 Steps To Achieving Great Things 4 Ways To Be More Relevant Google Has Started Hiring More People Who Didn't Go To College   Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 20.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Innovation Zombies, and Other Hazards For Great Ideas; How To Properly Define Your Passions & Purpose; How to Get Your Company Back in Good Standing This Summer Read more


Top 5 in HR on 19.June 2013

Category: Leadership | |

How to Woo, Seduce and Capture High-Demand Talent 6 Common Mistakes That New Managers Make How To Be Successful In Emerging Markets The People You're Closest With Aren't The Ones Who Will Get You A Job How To Pack A Suit Read more


Top 4 in HR on 18.June 2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Steps To Hiring The Right Person Toxic Workplace Friends 32 (Inexpensive) Steps You Can Take to Improve Engagement and Retention The Next Big Thing? 5 Expert Predictions   Read more


Top 7 in HR on 17.June 2013

Category: Leadership | |

The new approach to IT management Transparency In Performance Management - Should You Coach Talent in Front of Others? Don't Do These Things When You Lose Your Job 24 Ways to Enhance Awareness and Consciousness Say Goodbye to the Taped Interview Want to Write a Book? 4...Read more


Negativity is a 'No - No' !

Category: Leadership | |

If you have been following my Blog Posts, you will now have an idea of just how important the practice of setting life or business goals is and appreciate that the key to following the straightest path to attain them is to take action on the steps needed. If you are fortunate (or wise enough) to have a...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 14.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

What Employers Don't Know Can Hurt You Is The Unpaid Internship Dead? How To Land The Most Coveted, Competitive Sales Job Questions and answers about management Do Powerful Internal Training Read more


Top 7 in HR on 13.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

can I expose this terrible interviewer? 7 Ways To Improve Employee/Boss Relationships How to Reject Potential Employees Firing 101 — Audit for Fairness Is Your Boss Trying To Force You Out? You Can’t Fix Every Problem With Training how long should a raise...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 12.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Sneaky Ways To Determine Company Culture In An Interview Do You Know What Signals You're Sending at Work? Why HR Exists Most Job Seekers Don't Have A Clue New grads and the out of town job search First Day On The Job: 9 Ways To Make A Great Impression Master...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 12.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

The World's Highest-Paid Golfers; Picture This: It's the Key to Your Success; Living The 4-Hour Workweek; Why Do We Think We Don't Sleep Enough?; Don't worry, be happy Read more


Top 4 in HR on 11.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

10 Danger Signs When You’re Hiring New Employees The Definition of Employee Engagement paying to find a job, ambiguous questions on job applications How To Get Past Job Search Gatekeepers Read more


Entrepreneurship through my viewpoint

Category: Leadership | |

You have probably read hundreds of articles on entrepreneurship and know most of the things there are to know about starting and running a business. So many books and authors have shared their opinion that it’s hard to distinguish the good ideas from the bad ones. The truth though is that each case...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 10.June.2013

Category: Leadership | |

8 Marketing and Advertising Jobs with a Bright Future; 8 Startup Events and News to Know About This Week; Six Tips To Cut Your Legal Bills   Read more


Top 5 in HR on 07.June 2013

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Avoiding Offer Rejection 5 Personas To Avoid During An Interview Former Google Intern Says 'The Internship' Is Surprisingly Accurate LAWYER: Why BigLaw Is A Terrible Place For Women HR Lessons from the Red Wedding Read more


Top 5 in HR on 06.June 2013

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7 Ways to Fix Your Biggest Management Mistake Why You Can't Keep Your Tech Talent 5 Reasons A Company Culture Brand Will Improve Recruitment 7 Ways To Give A Better Presentation How To Manage Your Way Into More Freedom At Work Read more


Top 6 in HR on 05.June 2013

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5 Worst Things Companies Do on Facebook Today 4 Ways to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone New resume cool? The old-fashioned hard copy? How to Write a Job Description that Doesn’t Suck 5 Things You Didn't Know Could Hurt Your Career An Amazing Mentor Isn't Going To...Read more


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The European Union: A Failed Experiment Five Ways To Get Unstuck And Get Things Done How to Ask for Help at Work – 5 Tips Successful Recruiting in Matrix Organizations Corporate Leaders Need to Step Up on Climate Change An Addiction To Being Liked Drags Leaders Down ...Read more


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Are You Being Too Nice for Your Own Good?; For Entrepreneurs, Switching Careers Can Be A Good Thing; What Do PR Agencies Do? Can You Do It Too? Read more


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5 Easily-Copied Traits of an Excellent Leader What It's Really Like To Be A Google Intern Some Will Always Say You're Wrong Should Our Professional Ethics Change? Hiring with Social: A Success Story 10 Traits That Make You A Bad Boss Read more


Deadlines - A Great Motivator!

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Just imagine, seventeen teams of between 4 and 7 young people working almost non stop over a period of 54 hours, in a publicly visible hall in the largest shopping mall in the city.  Each team is intent on turning a brand new idea into a working business prototype that will gain recognition, support...Read more


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4 Steps Of Leaders Who Win Stellar Talent; Three Reasons The Economy Is Sicker Than You Think; Learning To Learn Faster: The One Superpower Everyone Needs Read more


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Mentor System- A Sweet Retrospection What Does HR Have To Unlearn? Things You Should Leave Off Your Resume Eight Surprising Rules That Will Get You the Job Read more


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Things That Only Happen In Hollywood Movies; Texting Is The New Email--Does Your Company Do It Right?; How To Quit Your Job The Right Way Read more


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 Will your New Hire Deliver a Return on Investment? Cover Letters – Purpose and Structure The Human Resources Guide To the Affordable Care Act Why social media should have no place in social HR Does it HAVE to be Us vs. Them? B2B Advocate Marketing in the HR Tech...Read more


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How To Handle Criticism The Right Way This Chart Shows How Desperate The US Tech Industry Is To Find Programmers The Idea That HR Can Become As Rigorous As Science Is A Fantasy Resume Writing 101 The World's Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs Read more


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How Far Would You Go to Check Out a Job Candidate?; Networking... Ladies, You're Doing it All Wrong; 6 Reasons Leaders Make Bad Decisions Read more


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Talent Management: Boards Give Their Companies an "F" How Can I Coach an Annoying Employee? How to use Twitter to find a job Do You Make These 4 Cover Letter Mistakes? 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Resigning Employers not doing enough to 'fuel...Read more


Does Your Motivation Factor Change?

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The factors in your life which act as motivation triggers can and do change. We have already spoken about our goals being flexible and our time scales being adjustable, but could it also be true that our motivation may not always be the same even though relative to the same goal? The following true...Read more


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Match Your Strengths to Your Job Should You Take That Innovation Job? How To Give Difficult Feedback Connecting with Your Foreign-Born Employees Hitting The Intergenerational Sweet Spot Ideas for Employee Recognition Read more


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8 Key Focus Elements Will Attract Startup Investors; Favorite Cities Of The Super Rich; 8 Top “Guilty Pleasure” Books for Summer Reading Read more


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The Ultimate Motivation for Any Team Mind the Mind to Lead 9 Things Happy People Do to Stress Less 5 Gifts Your Favorite College Grad Could Actually Use 7 Habits of Highly Successful Hiring Managers Read more


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The HR-Risk Connection 6 Great Reasons Not to Lose a Candidate Why Pretty Much Everyone Thinks They're Underpaid 4 Traits Of Extraordinary Bosses Focus on what you do worst, not best Read more


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Hire Yourself a Great First Manager Positive Candidate Experience Is a Competitive Advantage What Events Shaped You as a Leader? 4 Reasons Recruiters Don't Call Back 4 Short Stories that Will Change the Way You Think Why Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Want Read more


Would This Knowledge Motivate You?

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What if you knew you were going to become seriously ill in two years time, would you be motivated to adjust your lifestyle to ensure that your body was in best condition to deal with that situation? Sure you would, you would set goals to watch your diet, control your weight, exercise, get sufficient sleep,...Read more


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5 Tips to Excel and Get Promtion Developing employees who love to learn 5 simple things you can do to reginite your career Times Have Changed. Your Resume Needs To Change, Too.  10 Things You Should Never Tell HR Trainers Who Talk, Talk, Talk with Nothing to Say… ...Read more


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Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job Why Top Talent Leaves An Organisation Hiring New Graduates Is One Thing. Now, How Do You Keep Them? 6 Strategies for Identifying a Great Manager 3 Signs You're In A Dead-End Job praying in interviews, retaliation for asking for a...Read more


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7 Steps To Being More Career Fearless What HR Needs To Know About Retirement  10 Things You Should Never Tell HR How An Online Reputation Can Hurt Your Job Hunt 5 Things Yoga Can Teach You About Job Hunting 3 Common Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Should Avoid How To...Read more


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True Grit': What It Takes To Succeed As An Entrepreneur; 10 Most Promising Careers For Aspiring Entrepreneurs; How To Stay As Thin As Valentino Read more


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What I Wish I Knew Before Graduating From College Resume Fail 8 Ways To Turn A Lead Into A Job Are You an Introvert in an Extrovert-Oriented Workplace? Educated, Skilled And Still Bagging Groceries Summer Hiring Forecast: Where The Jobs Are Join our pioneering programme...Read more


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Employees Don’t Trust You Until You’re Willing to Lose Them The 8 Most Common Job Search Mistakes of Recent Grads Training & Development Survey Results 6 Steps to Getting a Raise 10 Signs That You're A 'Problem' Employee 10 Things You Can Control in...Read more


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Taking Responsibility for Mistakes at Work 6 Ways Companies Drive Out Their Best People How to Ensure Your CV is a Success Is A Fear of Failure Holding HR Technology Back? 12 Unconventional Interview Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Read more


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6 Ways Companies Drive Out Their Best People; Here are the top 10 cities for women entrepreneurs; At One High School, There's Gym Class, And Then There's 'Fat Gym' Class   Read more


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Why Future Entrepreneurs Should Invest in College; Welcome To The Forbes Style File; A Message For Every Business Owner From Criminals Who Stole $45 Million Read more


What Happens when you Miss a Goal?

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In real life ‘stuff’ happens (that’s the polite version!)  It doesn’t matter how focused you are, how determined you act, sometimes, something happens to get in the way of your goal getting. While it is true that you have a certain amount of influence on the world around you by...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 10.May 2013

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Ask These 3 Questions Before You Launch Want to Succeed? Get Used to Failure 8 Ways To Be A Memorable Boss Career Opportunities: How to Locate a Remote Position The Global Challenge: Recruiting and Your EVP 10 Reasons Why You Have To Quit Your Job This Year Read more


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Meet The Women Who Are Changing The World 8 Things Really Successful People Do Social Media Sourcing? Don't Be Creepy! Career Advice for Young Professionals from Successful Go-Getters Read more


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3 Lessons Leaders Can Learn From Spiderman; Top 10 Risks Businesses Fear Most; The Dark Side of Reputation Management: How it Affects Your Business   Read more


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The Jobs Of The Future Don't Require A College Degree 5 Reasons to Hire People Who Don’t Fit the Culture How To Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Network 7 Ways to Build Trust in a Team 3 Ways to Sell to Big Customers Read more


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4 Reasons to Get Rid of Set Hours There Are Only 4 Types Of Jobs In The World Computers Know More About You Than You Think Do Work That You’re Good At And You’ll Be Happier How To Perfectly Craft Your Resume For Each Of The Wall Street Banks   Read more


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Spring clean your resume: 5 items to delete ASAP! HR Plays the Outside Board Game 5 Easy Ways To Stay In Touch With An Old Boss 8 Ways Happy People Start Their Mornings 5 Ways To Ruin a New Hire Read more


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10 Essential Selling Principles Most Salespeople Get Wrong; The Beginning Of The End Of Too-Big-To-Fail; How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Use the 4 Hottest Diet Trends to Boost Their Energy Read more


Slideshows: The New Online Communication Medium

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For many years, slideshows have been a staple of business communication. Professionals have been using slideshows to present business proposals and analyses, and conference speakers have been using them as backdrops. The use of slideshows has recently broadened beyond business into consumer-oriented...Read more


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Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert; What to Expect as an Entrepreneur; 5 Incredible Entrepreneurs and What We Can Learn From Them Read more


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Women Changing the World: Girls; 4 Things to Consider Before Working for a Friend; Leading Yourself; 9 Leadership Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs; How The Best Salespeople Make The Sale Read more


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Group Job Interviews - Effective? 4 Things to Consider Before Working for a Friend How Long-Term Unemployment Could Help Your Career 5 Hiring Myths You Want To Know About How important are qualifications when it comes to finding top talent? HR Technology: A Revolution for the...Read more


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Summer Break? Get an Internship Instead I Quit My High-Paying Wall Street Job To Work At Chipotle 7 Positive Things You Should Say Today 10 Ways You Annoy Your Coworkers Your Job Won't Make You Happy If It Doesn't Reflect The 'Real You' Looking to Join the Lean...Read more


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Why You Can’t Hire High Achievers Mobile Advertising for Recruiters 9 Habits That Are Ruining Your Reputation On LinkedIn These Tips Will Help You Escape The 9-To-5 Mindset 7 Ways to Make LinkedIn Help You Find A Job Will You Leave Your Comfort Zone? Ask Yourself This...Read more


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7 Keys To Asking For What You Really Want (So You Get It!); How London Showed The World What Sport Can Achieve; The Best Accounting Firms To Work For   Read more


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Let Me Tell You What a Good Recruiting Boss Is Stress Management and Exercise How Your Smartphone Could Get You a Job Is This How You Really Talk? No Facebook Password, No Job? Read more


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7 Simple Ways to Lead by Example 4 Ways to Use Your Day Job to Move Toward Your Dream Job The World Is Becoming A More Addictive Place 6 Types of Bosses How To Respond Quickly To Emails Without Feeling Like A Jerk   Read more


Top 5 in HR on 22.Apr 2013

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7 Keys To A Successful Job Search You Can Track Everything Employees Do At Work, But Probably Shouldn't If You Want To Be Happy, Stop Comparing Yourself To Others 8 Effective Ways to Let Go and Move On The First Email, The First Tweet, And 13 Other Famous Internet Firsts ...Read more


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should I say “I turned down a job to take this interview”? Turn A Rejection Into A Job Offer Why Shine at an Internal Interview? The Fast Lane to Employment Read more


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8 Common Characteristics of Successful Business Owners; The real opportunity for payment startups: simplicity; 3 Metrics That Really Matter for Your Startup Read more


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What Job Candidates Really Want: Meaningful Work Tip for HR: Don't Be a Management Tool 8 New Ways To Look For A Job New LinkedIn Research: What Women Really Want From Work Finding Your Place in the Competitive Jungle Where Should You Recruit for Today’s Top 3...Read more


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50 Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses; 4 Business-Naming Tips for Branding Success; 4 Questions You Should be Asking Your Employees   Read more


Top 6 in HR on 17.April.2013

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Good Employees Make Mistakes. Great Leaders Allow Them To. 4 Questions You Should be Asking Your Employees Would You Rehire a Fired Employee? 5 Best Company Perks You Can Expect Have a Performance Conversation With An Employee 9 Things You Should Never Say In A Job Interview Read more


Useful places to educate yourself for free.

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If you spend a lot of hours online in searching for specific information and at the end you still do not get the right information here are a few specialized web sites and portals which will make your life easier. Here are a collections of popular biographies, free computer books, different motivational...Read more


p 3 in Entrpeneurship on 16.Apr.2013

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10 Ways to Better Brand Recognition; Step 2 for a Successful Startup: Identify, Utilize, and Develop your Talents or Skills; Three Critical Steps to Review Your First Quarter Results   Read more


Top 4 in HR on 16.April.2013

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My employees are making mistakes, but I don’t want to micromanage 4 Ways to Make Writing Cover Letters Less Painful How Can I Develop Employees Who Can’t Be Promoted? Working with an IT Recruiter Read more


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Making a Big Switch? Leap Carefully 4 Interview Tricks You May Overlook What Are the Worst Questions Job Interviewers Ask? How Companies Lose Their Best Employees at 'Hello' An Untapped Source of Talent   Read more


Top 6 in HR on 12.April. 2013

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8 Social Media Blunders to Avoid 8 Things You Can’t Learn in a Classroom Quick Tips for Starting Your New Employees Off Right Too Many HR People Are Just 'Enforcement Addicts' Flip YouTube to a Recruiting Channel How To Stay Productive If You're Terrible At...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 11.April. 2013

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11 Inspiring Quotes From Sir Richard Branson Why Everyone Should Do A Little Work For Free 6 Ways to Make LinkedIn Endorsements Worthwhile Why Well-Paid Employees Are Good for Business How to avoid creating a zombie workforce It’s Time for Recruiters to Adapt (Again!) Read more


Top 6 in HR on 10.April.2013

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Does Money Really Affect Motivation? A Review of the Research 10 Essential Tips To Finish What You Start The New Résumé: It's 140 Characters Facebook and Phone Calls: A Recipe for Recruiting Success 5 Ways to Turn Off a Recruiter Learning Curve: Making the...Read more


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10 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Customer Service Robot; Engagement and Performance: Old Wine in a New Bottle; 4 Tricks For Remembering Anybody's Name Read more


Top 5 in HR on 09.April.2013

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Your Biggest, Most Expensive, Blind Spot 4 Tips For Overcoming Obstacles How to Use Pinterest to Build Trust and Loyalty Why Every Professional Needs a Google+ Presence  Do You Know What Your 3 Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses Are?  Read more


Are You Insane - or Just Crazy About your Business?

Category: Leadership | |

The English language is not easy to learn. Just as it ascribes many different sounds to the same letters in the alphabet, it also has many different meanings for any one word - and that situation is growing as we use colloquial expressions that give totally different meanings to established words. The...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 08.April 2013

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Email Is Not Free How to Demotivate Your Best Employees 5 Talents That Will Set You Apart In Your Career Employer Brand Measurement: This is How it’s Done, Son Awful[ly Funny] Job Search Mistakes Read more


Top 5 in HR on 05.April.2013

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Key Metrics Every HR Leader Should Know 15 Companies Hiring in April Evaluate Your Recruiting Process Is HR at Its Breaking Point? 7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Boss Think You're Wonderful Read more


Top 4 in HR on 04.April.2013

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Can staying at the same job too long hurt you? How HR Departments Can Do More By Doing Less Don’t Quit Your Job If You’re Good At It 10 Ways to Become a Better Listener Read more


Top 4 in HR on 03.April.2013

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2 Things Every Interviewer Wants To Hear Employees Don't Have Time For Wellness Initiatives How Aon Use Social Media to Recruit 25 Cool Tools for Recruiting and Networking Read more


Top 5 in HR on 02.April 2013

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I Stepped Down From a Promotion And Now My Boss Hates Me The 9 Attributes Every Employer Desperately Wants Performance Management 15 Traits Of The Ideal Employee A Non-Waste of Time Team-Building Exercise Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 02.April.2013

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5 Trends You Will Want to Pay Attention to in 2013; What Are Would-be Entrepreneurs Afraid of?; 10 Questions to Ask Before Making Your First Hire Read more


Are You Passionate About Your Goals?

Category: Leadership | |

I’m quite sure that you will answer - “Yes!”.  But how passionate are you? As the winter appears to have reluctantly stepped aside to allow for a brand new spring and all the energy that arrives with it, how are you going to use your energy in the coming months? Are you still on...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 29.March 2013

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5 Signs Your HR Customer Service Is In Jeopardy 7 Reasons You Struggle with Happiness Be Worried If Your CEO Says The Word 'I' Too Much 42 Charts That Tell You Everything About Performance And Motivation The Truth About Bias In The Hiring Process Read more


Three styles of leadership

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Nowdays being a leader is a challenge, but also is hiding plenty of difficult decisions, spending stressful and long hours working on something, sharing knowledge and experience with employees, co-workers and others. The person who is formal leader must possess certain qualities and skill regarding his...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 28.March 2013

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Daily Quote: Where Does Strength Come From? The Most Common Practices Of Super-Achievers Not Yet Video Interviewing? Now You Have No Excuse ZipRecruiter Adds New Mobile Quick Apply Feature Keeping Women Off Of Corporate Boards Is A Really Bad Idea What HR Should Be Thinking in...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 27.March 2013

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Checklist: Are you doing these five things to be more effective at work? 26 Tips And Tricks On How To Read People How To Deal With A Passive Boss A Successful Turnaround Requires Employees Who Are Committed To More Than The Business The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters ...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 27.Mar.2013

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The Benefits of A More Thoughtful Approach To Consulting; 8 Steps To Destroy Your Fear And Replace It With Certainty; Is The Housing Recovery For Real?; How to Become a Top Networker; Did Your Facebook Just Turn Red? That's the Color of Our World Changing Read more


The magic of words, letters and thoughts.

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Emotions play important role in our life. They trigger hormones and processes that directly affect our state. How to express emotions in order to preserve positive or let go disempowering affects? Dealing with disempowering emotions Words and letters The best way to decrease the affect of a...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 26.March 2013

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What Will You Create to Make the World Awesome? Why Networking Doesn't Work Making Tough Decisions: What I've Learned 4 Reasons You’re Not Attracting Top Sales Talent (And How To Fix It) You Can't Wait To Start Working Incredibly Hard How To Get Out Of A Work...Read more


The K I S S of Life

Category: Leadership | |

Nick D'Aloisio age 17 is the latest youngster to join the elite group of young millionaire entrepreneurs with his recent $30,000,000 sale of the company built up around his simple mobile app. called Summly, to internet giant Yahoo. He provides a reminder that just a few short years ago another...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 25.March 2013

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5 Essential Steps for Interviewing Like a Boss 6 Steps Toward Hiring Productive Virtual Employees How To Overcome The Tough Road To Success Three HR Guidelines That Keep Me Out Of Therapy 10 High-Paying Entry Level Jobs Read more


Top 6 in HR on 22.March.2013

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Why I Don't Fire the Jerks Reach Out and Train Somebody 10 Hot Companies That Are Hiring Like Crazy Treat Your Next Interview Like A Date The Six Best Ways To Find Your Next Job How We Waste Time at Work Read more


Top 5 in HR on 21.March.2013

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Hiring for Your Start-up? How to Find the Right Candidates  What Works in Employee Recruitment for Sourcing and Hiring Employees? Talent Management at the O.K. Corral 5 Job Skills To Get You (And Keep You) Employed 7 short answers to 7 short questions Read more


What Your Numbers Say about You and Your Employability?

Category: Leadership | |

• 57.58% Bounce rate of my blog kakodorabota.mk (Google Analytics) • 54 Klout score • 34 followers on my Facebook profile • 805 LinkedIn connections that can take me to 7,983,729 business professionals That’s it! This is more than enough for the recruiter to...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 21.Mar.2013

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 Why Engineers Make Great Entrepreneurs; Startups: how to avoid death by enthusiasm; The Importance of Really Knowing Your Target Audiences Read more


Top 4 in HR on 20.March.2013

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5 Interview Red Flags for Employers 11 Things Never To Say To Your Boss Seven Ways to Perfect Your Résumé The Perfect Resignation Letter Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 20.Mar.2013

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Dividend Leaders, Dividend Growers & Kings Of Cash Flow! Is Investing in Women Entrepreneurs for You? 9 Questions to Ask If You Want to Find Out Are You Making Something Usable? Read more


Top 4 in HR on 19.March.2013

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The Secret to Motivating Your Team Nine Steps To Landing The Internship You Want 7 Ways To Make A Bad First Impression Is it HR's role to engage employees? Read more


How do YOU think? (2)

Category: Leadership | |

Is your motivation and drive fuelled by asking questions? Does your thinking include searching for alternative options? Creative thinking is a very useful tool in any business, even if the business itself isn’t perceived as being creative. It is a big factor in determining how to overcome...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 19.Mar.2013

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4 Steps to Turning Big Data into Business Impact; 3 Simple Steps To Get Where You Want to Go; 7 logos that should have been crowdsourced     Read more


Top 6 in HR on 18.March.2013

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For a Career that Lasts, Build Real Relationships 10 Toughest Interview Questions: Answered 5 Easy Ways To Motivate - And Demotivate - Employees The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Temp Jobs 10 Words Never To Use On A Resume What Losing My Job Taught Me About Leading Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 18.r.2013

Category: Leadership | |

8 Marketing and Advertising Jobs with a Bright Future; The Good, The Bad and The Tragic: Stories of Acquisition for Growth; Why Entrepreneurs Fail Read more


Top 5 in HR on 15.March 2013

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Tips for Surviving—and Acing—Your Phone Interview Leadership trends in 2013 Social Recruiting: Marketing’s Secret Weapon Companies Are Putting Sensors On Employees To Track Their Every Move 5 Things Hiring for "Fit" Really Means... Read more


Top 6 in HR on 14.March 2013

Category: Leadership | |

3 Reasons Why Employers Don't Want Overqualified Applicants The Magic Interview Question: Have You Failed in Your Career? 10 Tips to Land the Job Leading to your Career Dreams Checklist: 8 things to do every day that will make you happier New Job a Mistake? Tips for a Fast Exit ...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 13.March 2013

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Time to Reinvent Yourself? One Thing You Must Stop Doing to Be Happy 5 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn Company Pages Disruptive HR What Working for a Startup Really Means How To Talk About Technical Skills You Don't Have During An Interview How To Overcome Creative...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 12.March 2013

Category: Leadership | |

Employers post more jobs, cut fewer workers Most Important Task You're Ignoring Succession Planning Development Plans: Skill Gaps or Experience Gaps? Global Talent Shortage, Retention Top List of HR Challenges in 2013 4 Reasons to Embrace Mobile Employee Referrals Four...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 12.Mar.2013

Category: Leadership | |

How To Quit With Class; If You Have To Fire An Employee -- Here's How To Do It Right; How to Be Happy: An Entrepreneur's Perspective Is The U.S. Government Too Big To Fail?; Savings: Start Early Read more


Who is The Ultimate HR Manager?

Category: Leadership | |

Can u guess the difference between the startup formed by 25 year old and startup formed by any other aged entrepreneur? The experience!? Yes, of course. Again – Can you guess the difference? The ability to grasp an idea from the air and manufacture it into a vision!? Exactly my...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 11.Mar.2013

Category: Leadership | |

3 of the most normal things in America - Beer, Trucks, and Solar!; 3 Ways LinkedIn Just Made It Easier to Find a Job; Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars (Video) Read more


How do YOU Think?

Category: Leadership | |

As you think about your goals, whether it is while planning your ‘small steps’ for the next day, or the major considerations about your long term goals, do you ever pause to examine the actual way you think?  But isn’t thinking just one of those things we do automatically, without...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 11.March 2012

Category: Leadership | |

4 Key Things Great Strategic Thinkers Do 7 Traits of a Highly Effective Mindset People Will Judge You Based On Their Own Insecurities How To Stop Your Brain From Making Big Mistakes Jobseekers Can Use The Myers-Briggs Personality Test To Find The Right Career Read more


Top 6 in HR on 08.March.2013

Category: Leadership | |

4 Job Search Mistakes That Can Cost You the Interview It's Time to Fire the Jerks Why Employers Aren't Filling Their Open Jobs The Case For 'Under Qualified' Employees: The 5 Best Reasons To Hire for Aptitude, Not Skills Sample Resume For A Career Changer How...Read more


For the Women in the Games

Category: Leadership | |

Happy International Woman’s day!  Have you ever thought about the approximate number of women, who are occupied in one of the mostly men-ruled territories - the game industry? According to Brenda Romero, one of the first female video game programmers, at the begining of 1980 almost all...Read more


p 3 in ntrepreneurship on 08.r.2013

Category: Leadership | |

10 Reasons Work Is Good For You;   The Golden Rule of Partnership;   Why the World Needs More Brilliant ‘Stupid’ Ideas; Read more


Top 7 in HR on 07.March.2013

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7 Reasons You Didn't Get the Job Biggest Barriers To Successful Career Changes Want success on the job? Take a nap 3 Ways to Mentor Is The Skills Gap Keeping You From A Better Career? 7 Surprising Ways To Motivate Millennial Workers When NOT To Hire A Career Coach Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 07.Mar.2013

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The Startups That Will Change Our Lives; Stop Before You Sign &Get A Good Lawyer; Why Building With the End in Mind Isn't Such a Bad Thing After All; 6 Steps For More Effective Delegation; The Ten Most Innovative Companies in Asia Read more


Top 5 in HR on 06.March.2013

Category: Leadership | |

Stop, Listen and Look 5 Interview Questions You Should Always Prepare to Answer Bad Reasons To Change Careers Do You Need A Career Coach? How to Provide Feedback to Unsuccessful Job Candidates Read more


The Results From The Global LinkedIn Study for Women in Business

Category: Leadership | |

LinkedIn conducted a global research survey to answer the question “What Women Want @ Work”. The surveyed countries are Canada, USA, UK, France, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, India, Singapore and Australia. Here are the results: What does success at work mean to...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 06.Mar.2013

Category: Leadership | |

In Photos: Google Glass; 10 More Creative Ways to Finance Your Startup; How Small Becomes Big: Why All Entrepreneurs Should Think Globally from the Start Read more


Top 6 in HR on 05.March.2013

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Six Reasons You May Still Be Unemployed Resume Tips For Career Changers New Grads: How To Get A Job Outside Your Major Build a Connection and Find a Job Students are entering the workplace without sufficient “intercultural” skills, says the British Council ...Read more


Positive Priming. As Simple as it is.

Category: Leadership | |

Last time in the "The associative machine" you were introduced to priming with short description and examples. Now we are making a step forward describing how to benefit from it. Smile! 1) Roadmap. What do you want to be primed for? Priming triggers certain behaviors and traits,...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 04.March.2013

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Success in Hiring Abroad Takes Knowing Your Audience Over 50 And Can't Get Hired? Here's A Possible Solution How to Let Go an Unstable Employee Must Employers Tell Applicants Why They Weren't Hired? Career Boot Camp: Job Seeking Basics Read more


Top 7 in HR on 01.March 2013

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22 Rules For Becoming More Powerful 4 Simple Networking Tips for Job Seekers 4 Tips for Interviewing Recent Graduates 10 Life Quotes and Tips to Help You Smile How To Stay Professional When Things Get Personal At Work How Superachievers Delegate To Get Things Done How to...Read more


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3 Sales Lessons From The Presidential Election Your Hiring Process Tells People About Your Company Best Advice a CEO Ever Received       Read more


Top 5 in HR on 28.Feb.2013

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Are Motivational Posters in the Workplace Dead? If So, What's Next? Study: Managers not Open to Employee Ideas 63 Percent of Companies Use Video Interviews Don't Wait For Your Boss To Tell You What To Do 13 Surprisingly Low-Paying Jobs Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 28.Feb.2013

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The Art of Gratitude: A Simple Trick for Life and Work; A Lesson from the Oscars: Storytelling as a Tool for Healing and Sound Politics; Why It's So Hard For Corporate America To Innovate   Read more


Top 7 in HR on 27.Feb.2013

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The secret to easy networking The Most Important Thing to Remember If You Work from Home Generation Y: less entrepreneurial and high risk, but more likely to jump ship, according to survey Unhappy Employees Are Not Disengaged Employees 7 Critical Truths We Forget All Too Soon ...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 26.Feb.2013

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How To Leave Your Job On Good Terms 11 Resumes That Got Worldwide Attention Strategy Is About Choosing Where To Play And How To Win First Look Top Social Tools for 2013 6 Key Characteristics of a Kick-A** Recruiter Read more


The Associative Machine

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What is priming and how does it affect us? Please STOP here and watch this video :)I assume you watched the video. This article aims to introduce you to the concept of “priming” and give you some examples of it. What is priming? Imagine you walk into a supermarket and the...Read more


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The 5 Biggest Brands on Facebook And How They Do It; Ten Billionaires Of The Music Business; Older Entrepreneurs Are Better Than Younger Ones Read more


What Impacts Your Business Even More Than the Cost of Electricity?

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No doubt your business is suffering from the problems resulting from the crazy cost of electricity which is causing so much protest here in Bulgaria. There is however a factor which affects your business even more and that is whether your attitude to every day life, including your business, is in fact...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 25.Feb.2013

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How Google Became the #3 Most Valuable Firm by Using People Analytics to Reinvent HR 10 Questions You Should Know the Answers To Why You Shouldn't Take That Start-Up Job 20 Job Rules For Millennials 5 Rules: How To Survive (and Thrive) in the Chaos of Current Media 5 Steps...Read more


Successful Managers Have People Who Do Not Wish Them a Broken Leg

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Nowadays, everyone wants to be a manager. From my observations many people are not quite familiar with the real its real meaning. Everyone wants to have more privileges that are inevitably connected to the position. However, what does it mean to be a manager? The manager is not a bully. The time of the...Read more


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Dealing With Uncertainty: The Skills Job-Seekers Need and Employers Don't Know They Want Most Employers Are Rude To Job Hunters, Survey Finds 12 Tricky Interview Questions For Interns 5 Toughest Interview Questions And How To Answer Them Stepping up: How to become an effective...Read more


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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Take in Investors; 5 Elements of a Highly Productive Office; The World's Most Powerful Brands; Building a Business Around Helping Others; 10 Inspirational Leaders Who Turned Around Their Companies Read more


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Why Strange Interview Questions Matter ? Education must prepare students for employment 7 short answers to 7 short questions Let Me Tell You Why You Hate Your Bleeping Job A New Generation of Pre-recorded Interviews Improves Hiring Quality Read more


Are you Drawn or Driven towards Your Goals?

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How real are your goals and how much do you want to achieve them? Do you have the enthusiasm to keep you on track and what fuels that enthusiasm? These are questions that deserve a little consideration as you pursue your journey through life and business and I encourage you to share a few minutes with...Read more


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What Should You Stop Doing?; Change Your Thinking, Lower Your Stress; When 450,000 People Can't be Wrong; Five More Food Websites You Can't Live Without;   You Can Now Teach With WordPress Read more


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Five Top Resume Turnoffs Should I Make a Counter Offer? Match Your Communication Skills With The Right Job 7 Reasons You Didn't Get a Promotion Students need better preparation for the business world A third of employers considering redundancies in 2013, Aon Hewitt warns ...Read more


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is it wrong to Google job candidates before interviewing them? The Job the EU Should Actually Be Doing Advantages of Hiring A Business Motivational Speaker Is Recruiting a Business of Failure? Employee Motivation–why it matters Read more


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Top Brands: Most Ethical Leadership; How To Negotiate Your Salary; 7 Pinterest Tips for Any Industry; Top 8 Best Business Schools in the World; Online Identity Read more


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5 Weight Loss Tips From Behavioral Economists 11 Things Phone Sourcers Say (Most) Everyday 7 Reasons You’re Not as Successful as You Could Be Want To Work At Facebook? Here's The Skill They REALLY Want Unpaid Internships Are A Rich-Girl Problem — And Also A Real...Read more


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27 Executives Share The Advice That Made Them Successful Fire These Troublesome Staffing Clients 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire the Wrong Person How Colleges Should Prepare Students For The Current Economy How Not to Treat Employees Read more


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Why The Hiring System Is Failing Ban Job Descriptions and Hire Better People When the Minimum Wage Makes Economists Smile Can Your Signature Tell You What Kind of CEO You Are? 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating at Work and Get More Done Top 10 Career Lessons From Powerful Women Read more


Relax, Take Your Time

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Whatever we do, we all need our time for inspiration and recreation. While being stuck with a dozen of tasks we simply often forget to take time for brainstorming and gathering of new ideas. And this is quite important. We cannot count on working like robots all the time. Even when being productive...Read more


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Great Employees Are Not Replaceable; What Do Your Clients Really Think About You?; 10 Real Reasons Why 2013 Will Be The Year Of The Woman Entrepreneur Read more


Will Your Business Pass its Annual Technical Inspection?

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What motivates you to keep your business running smoothly? Are you pushed on by the pleasure you have from leading an efficient and profitable business or are you just doing the essential things to ensure that your business survives? If your business were like your car how would you view the annual...Read more


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7 Companies That Changed Names To Save Their Brand Fight for a Higher Salary Are You Hiring Like it’s 1999? Reasons to Crowdsource Talent in 2013 How To Do Diligent Research On New Employees How to Deliver Results That Others Never CouldHow to Deliver Results That Others Never...Read more


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5 Sure Ways to Lose Top Talent; 10 Reasons Business Should Blog; Defining Your Business Goals; The Culture Of A Successful Company Mirrors Its Mission; This Is What Fashion Will Look Like In Five Years; Read more


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Getting a Job: Luck or Effort? Resumes Are Not Dead Success Depends On Who You Know Is Recruiting Sexy? 3 Lies You’re Telling Yourself About Your 20s Read more


I know someone that can help you

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“I know someone that can help you” – is not that the sentence we wish to hear from someone we know when we face a problem? Most certainly it is. This is called networking and it has become tremendously popular. According to Merriam – Webster dictionary networking is “the...Read more


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10 Stories From the Web to Know About This Week; Celebrity Journalists; 8 Great Places To Celebrate Chinese New Year; Health Insurance for New Startup Businesses; Three Ways To Test-Drive Your Partnership Read more


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Lessons From Real-Life Cover Letter Mistakes Your Career Math - Two Key Questions and the Five People Who Will Help Make Your Career Phone Interviews HR Talks proves HR can be innovative Tracking Employee Productivity Read more


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Finding Your Positive Career Good Reasons to Hire Consultants — Poor Reasons to Hire Consultants Why and How to Create a Reference List Recruiters: Are You On Ark A, B, or C? Read more


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Are You a Job Hopper? 7 Basic Interview Tips Everyone Should Follow Creative Ways To Land The Interview Twitter and Facebook also key sites for recruiters What Your First Job Can Teach You About Succeeding Today HR in the news: 2013 so far Essential interview tips and...Read more


Follow Your Personal GPS

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Steve Olsher, an Amerian reinvention expert and author, modifies the abbreviation GPS and gives it a new meaning - as the personal Gifted Path to Success. In his award-winning book “Journey to you” he gives a simple equation that can help anybody to find their inherent talent and choose a job...Read more


Dead End - or New Beginning?

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Are you able to stay motivated even when you have to ‘back up’ in your business? How many times have you turned into an unsigned road only to discover when you are well into it that it doesn’t go anywhere - it is, to use a typical English expression, a ‘dead end’ road. It...Read more


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Why Your Resume Stinks (And What To Do About It Now) How to Reinvent Talent Management To work is to act HR needs to harness curiosity Must HR Post Jobs Internally? Read more


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Here are the top 10 ads that ‘won’ the Super Bowl this year; When it's Okay to Tell Lies at Work; The World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes; Big Ideas in the Big Apple; Taking Control of Your Online Reputation Part I: Internal Steps Read more


How to Rock on Your New Job Position

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You have just managed to get a new employment. Congrats you lucky chaps, while crisis being a buzzword that constantly occupies people’s mind and suffocate their creativity, you have managed to penetrate an opportunity that probably many others have fought for. Praise yourself – You do...Read more


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There's One Huge Myth About 'Flattened' Companies How To Commit To Your Big Career Goals Cover Letters: The Icing on top of the Resumes 3 Types of Poison Employees New Employees: 'We Were Jobbed About This Job' Read more


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The Problems We Have Are Human Problems Now Is a Good Time to Take the Measure of Your Career Site You Can't Lead A Company Without Feeling Confident In What You Wear Secret to More Profitable Negotiations: Food 4 Tips To Define Yourself In The Market Read more


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Here Is What The Universities Of The Future Could Look Like Use These 9 Tips To Get Busy People To Read Your Emails LEI’S EXPERIENCE WISH LIST FOR 2013 What to Use When Sourcing This Year 8 Ways Happy People Are Different From Everyone Else 30 Motivational Quotes For Job...Read more


How to Improve Your Motivation by Anticipation

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Do you remember being taken on a holiday trip when you were a child? The excitement and anticipation at the start of the journey ….all the preparation, the promises, looking at pictures and maps of the places you would visit and experience, the packing, the excited conversations …. ...Read more


Top 5 in Entrepreneurship on 30.Jan.2013

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Why Do The Mega Rich Continue To Work?; Is It Time to Let Go of Your Business Idea?; The Art Of Angel Investing; Three Ways Entrepreneurship Is Changing for the Better; 10 Simple Product Ideas That Made Billions (Infographic)   Read more


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5 Reasons why you Aren’t Getting Enough Applicants Managers Have An Even Bigger Effect On Productivity Than We Realized Don’t Blame The Headhunters — Get Better at Keeping Your Employees More Proof That Money Can't Buy Happiness Should You Eat While You...Read more


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The People Who Practice Everyday, Everywhere Innovation When You Work in HR, It’s The Norm For People Not To Like You The 10 Business Schools For Getting Rich 10 Phrases You Shouldn't Have On Your Cover Letter Sometimes You Need To Stop Pleasing People And Just Get Your...Read more


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3 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Become Self Employed; The Small Business Administration Decides to Hurt Small Businesses; We Need Don Corleone, Rodney King and Mr. Rogers; The Value of Management Consulting: Proven; How To Handle A Personal Crisis At Work Read more


Connecting The Dots

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How problems can turn to solutions? How organic waste can turn to light? How to pay with volunteering? I would like to invite you to have a quick glance on some of the Dell Social Innovation Challenge winners for 2012. Forward Tutoring receives its Grand Prize DEC 2012. ”Forward Tutoring...Read more


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Top 100 Brands; The 5 Characteristics Of Great Leaders; Your Assignment: Grow the Global Economy; 8 Ways Transparency Will Make You a Better Leader; Lessons about Building a Team from Zuckerberg and Facebook Read more


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The Future of HR is Autonomous How to Explain Gaps in Resume – 3 Tips Quickest Way to a Good First Impression: Unsolicited Positive Feedback How to Rule Passive Candidates In or Out Read more


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The Most Important Thing I Learned in a Business Meeting... Ever; Six Tips to Keep Your Business Going After Losing Your Partner; Finding A Common Language For Business Innovation; New Year, New Business Plan; 19 Tips For Closing A Deal On The Golf Course Read more


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What It Takes To Retain Your Top Talent Prepare Your Resume for a Recruiter Day One, New Job: 5 Tips for a Great Start Recruiters: How to Choose the Right Job Title Read more


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Why And Where Is Teamwork Important? Overcome Your Fears About Negotiating Salary Why Good Middle Class Jobs Are Vanishing, And They're Not Coming Back Words That Will Make Your Boss Happy HR directors on why you should attend HR Talks Your Job Is In Trouble. It's Not...Read more


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The Obnoxious Job Candidate Who Looked So Good on Paper Staffing and Workforce Planning: What’s In Store for 2013? 4 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job Your Career Goals: Are You On Track or Side-Tracked? Best Interview Question To Ask Your Interviewer How To Find Your...Read more


How to React Positively to Minor Failures in Your Business

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When you become aware of areas of your business that are not working properly, how do you react? Do you get around the problem and attempt to make a quick fix? Do you ignore it and hope it will get better in time? Do you procrastinate and decide to fix it later? Do you justify it and make excuses - or are...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 21.Jan.2013

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Are YOU Coachable? 3 Ways To Ensure You Are The New Job Hunt [INFOGRAPHIC] Employees care passionately about business success but lack the support to achieve it I’ve Caught a Case of ‘Newbulshit’ This Is Why Your Employees Hate You Read more


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How To Become Valuable To A Start Up (If You’re Not An Engineer);   5 things you need to know before working at a startup;   Couples in Business: You and Your Partner, Inc. Read more


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Surprising Way to Get Employees to Stay 5 Reasons to Schedule More Business Lunches What It's Like To Interview With Google How High-Achieving Parents Raise Star Scions How To Delegate Responsibility To Other People Read more


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8 Secrets To Accomplishing More Each Day The Most Common Practices Of Super-Achievers Google Is Again the Best Company to Work For Hires That Will Transform Your Company Why We Work So Hard To Avoid Difficult Truths 6 Steps to Create a Professional Development Plan 7...Read more


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Want Success In Your Sales Org? Look to the Middle How Real Women Negotiate their Lives and Careers Big Expansion at Ford The Messy Link Between Slave Owners and Modern Management 3 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Finishing What You Started Expose Yourself – All The Cool...Read more


Top 8 in HR on 15.Jan.2013

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10 Lessons On Leadership For Gen Y 3 Ways To Manage Your Time Better Three Things Millionaire Matchmaker Teaches Us About Recruiting 5 Sourcing Resolutions for 2013…Moving Beyond Process Truths and Lies about Hiring the Unemployed IntelliTalent Announces Online...Read more


Where is YOUR Business Heading?

Category: Leadership | |

Albert Einstein gave a much quoted definition of insanity when he said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Does this sound similar to the actions we discussed in a previous article about getting lost in a business? If you remember we said...Read more


p 3 in Entpreneurship on 14.Jan.2013

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New Year Goals for Small Business Owners ; 8 Amazing Factoids About Some Of The World's Best Brands; The Making of an Entrepreneur   Read more


Top 6 in HR on 14.Jan.2013

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A New Beginning 9 Lies Unproductive People Love to Tell Few Women on Boards: Is There a Fix? 12 Tips From Goldman To Ace Your Next Big Interview What These 4 Common Interview Styles Say About You Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before You Quit   Read more


Create a Fruitful Environment for Your Staff

Category: Leadership | |

A widespread truth is that human force is the most powerful resource in every organization. This is why managers should be highly concerned about the conditions where their staff is occupied. Uncomfortable and unsuitable place would only discourage it and cause fluctuation of manpower. Thus, a main...Read more


Top 4 in HR on 11.Jan.2013

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25 Weirdest Interview Questions Five Career Lessons From The TV Show Friends Can You Sell Your Management Skills to a Human Resources Manager? Ignite HR 5: Unleashing the Power of Positivity Read more


4.5 Tips to Create a Successful Entrepreneurship Program

Category: Leadership | |

388 000 000 entrepreneurs are estimated to be engaged in starting and running new business in 2011/2012 according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Babson College, 2012). The word “entrepreneur” often brings the image of an undereducated visionary with a brilliant idea that will make him...Read more


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10 Quotes From the 'First Lady of the World'; Leader or Manager, What Does Your Small Business Need?; How to Be a More Charismatic Leader Read more


Top 5 in HR on 10.Jan.2013

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Who Are These HR Pros Giving Such Bad Advice? 7 points to consider before you pay someone to write your CV! 13 Employee Referral New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 The Worst Recruiting Mistakes 13 strange interview mistakes and how you can avoid them Read more


5 Morals During a Blast of Orca Inspiration

Category: Leadership | |

Minutes ago I saw a Richard Branson’s post featuring several Orca whales trapped in the frozen seas of Canada… and I just had this blast of inspiration that wanted to share with you like a wake-up call out of nowhere. Connect with Nick Shopov for more. 1. Don’t waste your time on...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 09.Jan.2013

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8 Ways to Help Your Job-Searching Friend or Relative Why CEOs Want Faster Training--No Matter What The Cost 6 Career Myths You Shouldn't Fall For Job Candidates’ Biggest Interview Blunders Beware the Phantom Job Listing Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 09.Jan.2013

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There Is Nothing Magical About Small Businesses; Report Says Businesses Are Still Cautious on Borrowing; 6 Things About Money You May Not Think About--But Should Read more


How Not to Get Lost on Your Business Journey

Category: Leadership | |

Whether on a literal journey or a business venture, the route is not always as clear as you would like it to be. Have you ever set out on a journey thinking you know the route and don’t bother to use either a map or a GPS system? After a while you realise that you are not too sure of the way....Read more


Top 6 in HR on 08.Jan.2013

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European Unemployment Hits Record High Are Cultural Fit and Comfort Still the Rules in Hiring? 13 Mistakes To Avoid In Job Interviews 7 Hiring Trends of 2013 How To: Hire Great Employees Without an HR Department 10 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips for 2013 Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 08.Jan.2013

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The 5 Secret Strategies Of Great People: How To Become Open Minded in 2013; The Future Of Leadership Development Is An Artist Studio; 10 Simple and Powerful Body Language Tips for 2013   Read more


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6 Career Myths You Shouldn't Fall For The Best Books to Boost Your Career How to Allocate Your Time, and Your Effort 4 Reasons To Turn Down A Job What the HR Pros and Headhunters Don’t Tell You About Your Job Search 5 Powerful Career Drivers for The Future of Work Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 07.Jan.2013

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8 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week; 5 Powerful Career Drivers for The Future of Work; Google Is Really Three Companies, All On A Roll   Read more


Whats Your Conflict Management Style?

Category: Leadership | |

Conflict emerges when one or more values, perspectives and opinions are contradictory in nature. It is a lot like water- it spills over, flows downhill and if left unchecked, it erodes whatever it touches. It can be a downer, but managed properly, conflict is a fertile ground for a great exchange of...Read more


Top 8 in HR on 04.Jan.2013

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9 Beliefs of Highly Ineffective People 7 Work Habits That Are Making You Sick Taking immigration to the boardroom HR directors believe they will lose one in five employees in 2013, reveals Robert Half study Tolerating the unacceptable I was just hired, can I apply for an...Read more


Top 9 in HR on 03.Jan.2013

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HR can help blunt edge of inevitable rail fare rises, says London Overground HRD Imagination: The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself for 2013 Top 5 Business Books of 2012 3 Excuses You Should Never Use At Work Why LinkedIn Will Never Kill the Professional Recruitment Industry 10...Read more


3 Ways to Create a New Job Position For Yourself

Category: Leadership | |

Psssst!!  Today I want to share a secret with you! Make sure no one is around to find out about it before you do. Also make sure you put to practice what you are about to read here before someone else takes the chance before you. Do you now that there is a hidden job market in almost every...Read more


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Who Can Help Startup Founders Build Their Companies? ; How to Turn a Worthless Business Idea into a Million-Dollar Startup; 100 Things You’ll Need to Know About in 2013 Read more


Top 5 in HR on 02.Jan.2013

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9 Surefire Ways to Get What You Want How to Be a Better Boss Can Dressing Well Increase Your Income in 2013? Level 5 Time Management: Beyond Stephen R. Covey and Ben Franklin To The Meaningful Pursuit of Passion Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 01.Jan.2013

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4 Steps To Achieve Your 2013 Business Goals Without Burning Out; Most Visited Cities In The World 2012; What Do Readers Really Want? A Better Life Read more


Top 6 in HR for New Year

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Top 10 Things To Do Before You Change Jobs Does Your Executive Resume Sell You Short? Back to work! Re-entering the job market in the New Year What’s Your Best Tip for Increasing Employee Engagement? 5 Reasons To Give Your Job Search A Reboot My coworker is working off...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 31.Dec.2012

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8 Signs You're A Control Freak Warren Buffett’s 4 Tips For Closing The Deal Why You Might Need To Sabotage Your Own Career To Get Ahead Most Popular Stories of 2012 2013 Hiring Trend: Employers Scouting Talent at Other Organizations 41 Questions to Ask the Company...Read more


Don't Make New year Resolutions!

Category: Leadership | |

It's that time of year again.  How many of us go through the ritual of, "What resolutions didn't I keep last year"?  Be honest - how far into 2012 did you get before those well intentioned resolutions went out the window?  Did you lose those extra pounds that you...Read more


10 Tips for Success and Self-improvement

Category: Leadership | |

What is success? Success can have different meanings to different people. Someone who loves music might consider success as cutting his own CD. When it comes to measuring success money gain is not a prime necessity but the valuable achievement.  Success could be getting a good grade in a difficult...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 29.Dec.2012

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The Best Way to End a Meeting; Life Is Short; Enjoy Every Sandwich; The Fastest And Slowest Growing Jobs; The Best Way to End a Meeting; 4 Year-End Evaluations for Your Business Read more


Top 7 in HR on 28.Dec.2012

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6 Habits Of Instantly Likeable People People Are Actually More Honest Online Than In Person 10 Ideas That Changed The World In 2012 It’s How You Say it — Not What You Say — That’ll Influence Gatekeepers and Candidates 8 Things You Must Give Up to Find Peace ...Read more


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There Is Only One Important Task For 2013 The Top Competency for Human Resources The 20 Most Inspiring Companies Of 2012 The Difference Between Smart And Clever Is The Difference Between Winning And Losing 33 War Strategies That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals In 2013 The...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 26.Dec.2012

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How To Be Better At Your Job In 2013 What 2013 Has in Store for Us? Laurie Ruettimann reveals 5 Attributes of a Great HR Department Do you get enough vacation time? To Climb the Ladder, Try Joining a Group Read more


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So You're an Entrepreneur? You Should Be an Athlete Too; 100 Things You'll Need to Know About in 2013; 5 Predictions For Online Advertising; Why Everyone Must Be An Entrepreneur; Entrepreneur's Top 10 Videos of 2012 Read more


Top 5 in HR on 25.Dec.2012

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Create a Job for Gen-Y This Christmas How To Actually Achieve Your Goals In 2013 Ideas Are Worthless When They're Just Sitting In Your Head The Best Of Everything In 2012 15 Famous Child Geniuses Read more


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2012′s most innovative game ideas; 8 Reasons Why Startups Are Just Like Rock Bands; I Don't Want To Go To Jail; The Future Of Leadership Development Is Not A Classroom; 10 Things To Watch For In The 2013 Car Business Read more


Would you like some coffee? - asked the puppeteer.

Category: Leadership | |

 “Would you like some coffee?” If you are from those people who almost worship coffee, I believe you’ve just started considering having a cup. If I want to keep you longer with me, well, I just manipulated you into staying over a coffee for a little longer. Manipulation in...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 21.Dec.2012

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How to Hire the Wrong Person How to talk about weaknesses in an interview The Seven Truths of Career Success The One Thing Your Team Wants You to Stop Doing Do hiring managers consider social-media recommendations? Read more


Top 5 in HR on 20.Dec.2012

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Evaluating the Employees You Can't See How to Attract Recruiter with an Effective CV or Resume Employers anticipate continued recruitment growth for 2013, says REC survey HR must focus on talent management to secure business growth, according to Hays Finding Meaning at Work,...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 19.Dec.2012

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10 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Business; Ten Ways To Build Better Business Relationships; 4 Ways to Organize New Ideas and Drive Innovation Read more


Top 5 in HR on 19.Dec.2012

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Hiring For Cultural Fit: The Key Question is – Can I Be Objective? 5 Interview Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid 5 Most Outrageous Employee Resignations In 2012 The Top 6 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid Job Candidates Are People Too…Employers Need to Show Some Respect! Read more


Tomorrows Goals - Today!

Category: Leadership | |

How was your day? Was it productive? Did you get round to doing everything you wanted to? Is having a ‘to-do’ list the best way to ensure productivity? I would like to encourage you to do things a little differently. I want you to try starting your day,- the day before! If that sounds a little...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 18.Nov.2012

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Confident Body Language: 6 Nonverbal Ways To Wow The Job Interviewer Employers face a conflict between employee skills and changing workforce needs Spend Your Recruiting Dollars Where the Action Is Importance of HR resources in a company We Wait Too Long to Train Our Leaders ...Read more


Turning The Travelling Passion Into a Venture With Social Impact

Category: Leadership | |

Madrid (Spain), 18 Dec 2012 MBN News is interviewing Carlos de la Varga, founder and CEO of theHometrotters - a newly created startup in tourism / leisure industry. We visited him at his cozy warm office in Vivero de Empresas of Madrid. - Hello, Carlos! Thank you for accepting our invitation for a...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 17.Dec.2012

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4 Ways to Know it's Time to Pursue Your Business Idea; 4 Leadership Lessons From Abraham Lincoln; Your Corporate Strategy: It Just Doesn't Matter; Read more


Top 5 in HR on 17.Dec.2012

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Three Steps for Overcoming Passive Resistance How To Manage Unrealistic Work Demands Don't Get Stuck as Someone Else's Second-in-Command Jobs For Life Don't Exist: How To Achieve True Job Security Anyway 4 Ways To Improve Your Hiring Process Read more


A Carrot or a Stick - Which Would You Pick?

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In history, much before the introduction of organizational behavior, superiors were influencing their subordinates applying different methods to navigate the working process.  The oldest technique used to motivate the others is known today as the Carrot and stick method. There are two fundamental axes...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 12.Dec.2012

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How And When To Break The Taboo Against Discussing Salary Informational Interviews Are Not Just For Junior Job Seekers Finding the Job of Your Life 7 Soft Skills You Need To Get Hired In 2013 Record number of people in work, job figures reveal Read more


2012 Year Review on Google

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Google published an exciting movie about the most trending facts and events for 2012. Some of the featured breakthroughs this year include the Stratosphere Jump, getting to the bottom of the ocean and bunch of other inspirational moments. Go ahead, preview and share the moments.   Read more


Short Term Goals Keep Your Business on Track

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If you recall, we have been using the analogy of a literal journey to discover the importance of setting goals in life and business. We have already established that on any particular journey our final destination can be seen as a long-term goal. In the previous article we assigned our mid term goals to...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 11.Dec.2012

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What Hiring Managers Really Look For Talent magnetism: The value of employer branding How to Do Diversity Training Right Five Mobile Apps for Recruiters The 10 Skills That Will Get You Hired In 2013 Read more


Top 5 in HR on 10.Dec.2012

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Some Secrets Behind the Success of the HR Technology Is Job Searching During The Holidays Pointless? Better HR Analytics Needed 3 Questions That Will Make You Better In Business And Your Career Why companies should not cut their training budgets Read more


Why and How to Handle Procrastination?

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     What is procrastination, why people tend to procrastinate and how to overcome this habit?      In situations in which you catch yourself putting off difficult tasks your behavior can be specified as procrastination. What you have to do to deal with it?...Read more


I want to, I dont want to, I will

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  I remember a friend of mine, who is an entrepreneur, telling me how he motivates his employees. In the beginning of every year he wants them to make a list of what they want to achieve in that same year. When they do something from the list, they make a tick. In the end, they can actually see...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 07.Dec.2012

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How to Scare Away a Job Interviewer How to Stand Up to Your Boss Bad Company Culture? Here's What To Do Want to be promoted in 2013? 4 things to do now Getting Out of the Comfort Zone: Why New Job Experiences Make Sense Read more


Be Good! It is that simple. (video)

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Be good, it’s that simple! Don’t be good for Christmas, don’t be good for St Valentine’s, don’t be good for a day or two. Be good for a reason – the reason that you want to be happy! It’s easy and trivial to say that, it’s much harder for our pragmatic...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 06.Dec.2012

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Top 10 Career Lessons From Powerful Women; Decide in Advance to Do the Right Thing; If You Want to Be a Billionaire, Start Acting Like One; Read more


Top 5 in HR on 06.Dec.2012

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5 More Reasons You Don't Hear Back After Applying For A Job Are These Resume Buzzwords Killing Your Chances? How to get a hidden job The Top Jobs for 2013 Employer Not Obligated to Rehire Poor-Performing Worker Under USERRA: Court Read more


Never stop improving.What is The OK Plateau and how to overcome it.

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Where are your limits? How can you go further? How can you become better? According to Josh Foer, the author of “Moonwalking with Einstein”, the stage of “comfort zone” of your physical or mental skills is called “The OK Plateau”. This is the point at which you...Read more


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How to Stay Motivated When You Work From Home; 10 Actions Customer Leaders Use To Achieve Success 10 Holiday Gifts That Don't Cost A Thing; Read more


Top 5 in HR on 05.Dec.2012

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Three Strategies To Help You Cope With The Talent Deficit 5 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer Most Surprising Way To Land A New Job? HR at board level? The battle continues Now Hiring? Tips for Conducting Interviews Read more


Top 5 in HR on 04.Dec.2012

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Leaders Are Making Talent Management a Top Priority Can You Put That in Writing? Handling Gaps in Your Resume Advantages and Disadvantages posting a Job Employers Hire Potential Drinking Buddies Ahead Of Top Candidates Read more


Top 6 in HR on 03.Dec.2012

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Ask Your Employees What They Need Before Your Business Begins to Fail How to Scare Away a Job Interviewer How Companies Must Adapt for an Aging Workforce The New Approach To Job Searching When Quitting Is Not An Option - How You Can Find Purpose And Fulfillment Through Your Career ...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 03.Dec.2012

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How Life Coaches Become Very Wealthy; When Culture Goes Bad; 10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs SHOULD Enroll in College; 15 Phrases That Build Bridges Between People; ow To Avoid Being "That Guy" At The Office Party And Still Let Your Holiday Spirit Shine   Read more


Why set mid-term and short-term goals?

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If you have long-term goals why are medium term and short term goals necessary? Why not just set out and aim for the long-term goals? ●  Mid-term goals are great as easily identifiable achievements. ●  Mid-term goals should be a time to celebrate. ●  Mid-term goals...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 30.Nov.2012

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Stop Making Your Employees Work Holidays Make Your Job Search Wait Time Count The Key Differences Between Management and Leadership The Easiest and Hardest Cities for Finding a Job 10 Thoughts You Must Leave in the Past Five Christmas Presents That Could Change Your Life ...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 29.Nov.2012

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Why Job Hunters Should Avoid Working With Recruiters Are Reference Checks a Waste of Time? The Cities Where People Earn The Biggest and Smallest Paychecks America: No Longer the Land of Opportunity? Lessons From a Bad Exit Let Your Employees Have a Voice in Your Company's...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 28.Nov.2012

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19 Signs You’re Doing Better than You Think The 10 Hottest Consumer Trends For 2013 4 Hiring Apps To Keep You in The Game in 2013 9 Ways To Make Better Executive Decisions How to Network during the Holidays HR People Think They Are Ugly – And That’s Getting...Read more


Petyo Angelov shares what motivated him to learn and speak 40 languages

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How would you feel if you can speak over 40 languages? What would motivate you to learn so many? Well, it`s not a big deal for Petyo Angelov (1978-2012) who has built his hobby into a career. People think he is a genius but he doesn`t think so. It`s not even boring but a hobby, an inspiration and......Read more


Top 6 in HR on 27.Nov.2012

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8 Questions to Measure Your Behavioral Interviewing Competence Talent Communities: Do You Need to Differentiate Between Fans and Talent? Should Your Boss Care About Your Klout Score? Fatigue Is Your Enemy Five ways to help your sales team 6 Ways to Avoid Negative Company...Read more


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10 Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs to Ask Suppliers; Five ways to help your sales team; The Road To Success – Now RePaved!; How Can 98% Of Us Be Middle Class?; The Best And Worst Seasonal Jobs For Holiday 2012 Read more


Top 8 in HR on 26.Nov.2012

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How to Get Away From Your Tight Schedule (And Still Get Things Done) How To Pick And Stick To Career Goals Two Ways Women Can Network More Effectively, Based on Research Feeling Negative? How to Overcome It Do More by Working Less HR's False Summit Surprisingly...Read more


Employment Without Working Experience. HOW CAN THIS BE..??

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Yes my friends you read well. Beware and do not waste your time in ribbing your eyes because the gurus of effective time management might criticize you for that also. The title is absolutely logical and I won’t be talking about some new theory of Human resources or some new philosophy being muttered...Read more


Humor, Creativity and Lateral thinking

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What is common between humor and creativity? What is Lateral thinking? Existing thinking is based on analysis and judgment. We devote it to patters build by our brains through multitude of experiences and routines. This is excellent and efficient but not enough. Analysis, judgment and observation that...Read more


Work + Work = Burnout Syndrome?

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“Multitasking and ability to work under pressure”- these are two of the most common requirements in the majority of job descriptions. We have so much work to do that we are constantly at the work place, going through our tasks over and over again, unable to take a break even at home. Are we...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 23.Nov.2012

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How to Write a Resume – Feel the Employer’s Pain Your Company Needs a Purpose How to find unadvertised jobs To Motivate People, Give Them Something to Be Proud Of 3 Great Job Interview Tricks That Work! Read more


How to avoid The Three Big Mistakes in Goal Setting

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● Not differentiating between Dreams and Goals ● Not Setting Goals that stretch you ● Not setting a Time Not differentiating between Dreams and Goals Thinking about our illustration of a journey to represent our business venture, how often have you heard  people say...Read more


Top 5 in HR on 22.Nov.2012

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Support Your Team... Quietly Part-time workers earn a third less per hour than full-time workers ‘Need of talent management’ 7 Ways To Switch Careers How to Behave in Behavioral Interviews Read more


Top 7 in HR on 21.Nov.2012

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How much effort is too much when job searching? Top 10 ways to be influential in HR Your first 100 days Job Seekers Need to Color Their Gray Hair to Get Hired Virtual training is real training In the Twitter Era, You Should Never Post a Job Again How to Transition to an...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 20.Nov.2012

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Five Self-Defeating Behaviors that Ruin Companies and Careers Worst Reason To Quit Your Job Hiring Introverts in your Organization Success in any young company is linked to a talented team when a new employer wants you to leave your current job without notice Resume Red Flags...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 19.Nov.2012

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Why Customers Choose To Work With You -- Or Not; Five Predictions For The Future Of Social Entrepreneurship; Eight Ways to Get Your Startup in the Press. Read more


Top 6 in HR on 19.Nov.2012

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How To Communicate Effectively At Work 8 Ways Employers Can Discriminate Against Workers -- Legally 5 Ways to Get Promoted in 2013 How To Face An Interview Unlock These 4 Secrets To Professional Success Build A Personal Brand, Not Just A Career Read more


Top 7 in HR on 16.Nov.2012

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The Dark Side of Charisma Lead With Your Heart, Not Just Your Head Marketing Without a Master 10 Things Your Friends Wish You Knew Tell Your Recruits They Can Work Anytime, Anywhere 7 Reasons to Stay at a Job “It’s Up to Us to Motivate Our People” |...Read more


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12 Secrets for Success in Crowdfunding for Social Entrepreneurs ; Lazy and Pregnant? New Study Profiles People Who Work From Home With Surprising Results ; How to Never Miss a Chance to Hype Your Startup ; Get Clarity In Your Business Thinking ; The Employee-Motivation Checklist...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 15.Nov.2012

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Online Education Race Heats Up The Secret To Happiness May Be Easier Than You Think DEAR HR: You Might Want to Explore These Charts on Text Messaging Rewarded Failure: The Cushiest Jobs in the World When Your Duties Double: Promotions and Pitfalls The Dream Job You Had As A...Read more


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Mark Zuckerberg: Myth, Man & Legend; Advice From The Most Innovative Leaders; The Five Questions Of Failure; Leadership Tips, New York Style; How to Be Profitable From Month One   Read more


Creative thinking is a skill, not a matter of individual talent

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Who is Edward de Bono and what are his views and lessons about creativity? Edward de Bono is a Maltese physician, inventor, author and consultant. He describes the way we think today with the abbreviation “EBNE” - Excellent But Not Enough. De Bono explains that what we have today as a...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 14.Nov.2012

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5 Reasons Job Recruiters Aren't Calling You Back How to answer difficult interview questions 5 Myths About Negotiating Salary Effective Interview Presentation Employee Relations Institute to improve knowledge and competence of managers in workplace relations How To Be A...Read more


p 3 in Entrepreneurship on 14.Nov.2012

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Don’t Be An Entrepreneur – Interview With Phil Libin From Evernote; Sales Lessons From The 2012 Election; How To Deal With Talent Problems In High-Growth Startups; Read more


Top 8 in HR on 13.Nov.2012

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Exactly When Should the Boss Step In? 3 Key Steps to Sell Your Company During an Interview Money Has Much Less To Do With Happiness Than We Think Students Are Unprepared For The Job Market Because Their Parents Are Their Mentors The Internal Interview: How to Nail an Interview at...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 13.Nov.2012

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Want To Keep Your Best People? Do This; Top 10 Companies Doing the Most to Make Their Employees Happier; To Succeed in Sales, Suspend Your Self-Interest; 7 Reasons Why You Have Lost Your Creativity; Top Tips for Contractors on How to Save Money   Read more


Top 8 in HR on 12.Nov.2012

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How To Start Thinking About A Career Change Managers, What's Your Plan For Climate Change? 16 Things to Think About When You're Considering a Career Change Division of Labor: What to Do When Owners & Employees Disagree The Zombie Guide to Human Resources No Career...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 09.Nov.2012

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5 Things Every Employer Should Do To Increase Applications 10 Steps To Effective Listening Big Job Boards Are Now the #1 Recruiting Source My boss doesn't understand that I have kids Workers think organisations are too slow and inflexible The Waiting Game: When it's...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 09.Nov.2012

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Facebook’s Lessons in Leadership; Pop Quiz: What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You?; Entrepreneurship Is Not War; Building A Smarter World, One Girl At A Time; Best Places On Earth To Run A Business Read more


Top 5 in HR on 08.Nov.2012

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10 Ways to Become Better at Your Job Today Who's Getting Hired Right Now 9 Annoying Lies Job Interviewers Tell The Precarious New World of "Informal" Jobs Turning recruiters on - and off Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 08.Nov.2012

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3 Lessons in Business From a Reality TV Backstabber; Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert; The Key To Growing Your Customer Base, Now And Later; How To Maximize Your Impact By Letting Go; 5 Ways Your Business Can Finish The Year Strong Read more


Top 4 in HR on 07.Nov.2012

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10 Things Never to Say to Your Co-Workers Why You Resist Career Change So Fiercely How to Enhance Career Options with Human Resources Certificate The rise and fall of the recruitment industry     Read more


p 6 in Entrepreneurship on 07.Nov.2012

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More Data, More Dollars?; 5 Best Places to Find Qualified Talent; How to Build Trust to Pave the Road to Wealth; Thoughts On The Changing World Around Us; 5 Innovators Working To Change The US For The Better; The Secret of Success – The Long, Straight Road Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 06.Nov.2012

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How to Break Bad News to Clients; 7 Ways to Make Gmail Faster; The Innovation "Sweet Spot"; 7 Steps to Writing A Great Blog Post; A Belief in the American People; Read more


Top 6 in HR on 06.Nov.2012

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Freelancers: 10 Ways To Get A Full-Time Corporate Job Company Values Create the Foundation for Employee Engagement 10 LinkedIn Tips to Get You the Job Stop driving your employees nuts What Recruiters Really Want to See on Your CV 3 Job-Search Mistakes You Don’t Realize...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 05.Nov.2012

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The Most Important Things to Know for Your Job Interview Power of Questions!  Can I Do Two Things At Once? Top 7 Areas Where Personal Development Has The Most Impact The 5 R's For Building Lifelong Relationships With Employees Need Job Descriptions? 7 Job...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 05.Nov.2012

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Taking No Risk Is The Greatest Risk Of All; Span Of Control - 5 Things Every Leader Should Know; Speed-Dating Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen To Your Brand; The Big League Secret To Business: Focus, Focus, Focus; Finally an Enterprise   Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 02.Nov.2012

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Are You Ambitious Enough For Success?; Why Big Brands Are Going Local In 2013; Specialization Doesn’t Limit Your Business – It Grows It; When Selling A Business, It Matters Who Owns What; Earning the Trust of Your Employees – a Crucial Element for Efficient...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 02.Nov.2012

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What Every Great Leader Knows About Getting Through A Crisis 9 Things to Think About Before You Give Up 5 Ways to Build Community Relations HR Lack of Engagement Strategies Harm Customer Experience Management 4 More Ways To Future Proof Your HR Career World's Most Famous...Read more


Exactly Where is Your Business Heading?

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In our previous discussions we spoke about setting up three specific types of goals. In simple terms these are; ● Long-term goals ● Mid term goals ● Short-term goals Using our illustration of a business journey, we could think of our long-term goal as being our destination,...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 01.Nov.2012

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5 Ways Pride Can Destroy Your Company; Stress test your cultural intelligence; The Facebook Wall Of Shame; Halloween Magic; How to Keep Score in Business;   Read more


Top 9 in HR on 01.Nov.2012

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Stress test your cultural intelligence Training is a profit center, not an expense What should leaders understand about how the brain works and the implications? Why Job Creators Don't Like Creating Jobs How to Sell Out in Style Online Inventory Management Tools The...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 31.ct.2012

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Be Interesting - or Be Ignored; 7 Halloween Tips For The Workplace; A Great Leader, Filtered Or Unfiltered; What Can a CEO Learn From a Jazz Director?; How to Turn Your Fear into Fuel Read more


Top 7 in HR on 31.Oct.2012

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Stop Killing My Passive Candidate! One Thing You Can Do for the World Today Case Study: Keep Your Day Job and Start a Business 7 Not So Scary Ways to Engage Job Candidates How To Become A System Administrator The Market of Foreign Currency Exchange Big courage comes in...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 30.Oct.2012

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The best speech about education -- ever. 4 Tips to Stay on the High-Growth Track The Power of Focus – Get More Done In A Day Than Most Do In A Week The 10 Most Innovative Companies In The World 4 Ways To Keep Employees From Losing Motivation Do We Have to Join Facebook...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 30.ct.2012

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3 Ways To Prioritize Your Startup To-Do List; 6 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Leasing an Office; Funding Daily: A cocktail in the morning; Dear Brands, Tell Us A Story - Love Consumers; What You Need to Know Before Taking on Investors (Video) Read more


Top 6 in HR on 29.Oct.2012

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The Worst Interview-Day Disasters (and How to Avoid Them) You Can Ask for a Raise How To Nail An Interview 5 Qualities of Professional People Interview Questions to Assess Conflict Resolution Skills How The Most Successful People Find The Perfect Job Read more


p 7 in Entrepreneurship on 29.ct.2012

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3 Ways to Think Outside the Box; Let People Work For You; The 10 Steps To Finding More Customers; Careers Related to 10 Popular Hobbies; Google, Ikea, Apple: The World's 10 Simplest Brands; 5 'S'ecrets of Engaged Social Leadership; How to Be an Entrepreneur...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 26.Oct.2012

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6 Strategies to Organize Overwhelming Email: Stem the Flood of Information Achieving excellence in people strategy: Discover, deliberate and differentiate: early bird rate limited time only HR needs to put customer at heart of everything it does says RSA Insurance group HR director Ten...Read more


Top 8 in HR on 25.Oct.2012

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How To Get A Holiday Job Is It My Job to Fire Employees? Why You Need To Take Your Job Search Offline Time to stop implementing generic models as gap between what business wants from HR and what it gets widens Hard work or creativity – are we focusing on the wrong skills for...Read more


Top 10 in HR on 24.Oct.2012

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Sending a Post-Interview Thank You? Don't Make These 5 Mistakes HR Metrics that Matter (And Why You Should Care) Recruitment of talent: Social media – friend or foe? 12 Guidelines for Deciding When to Persist, When to Quit Do Job Interviews Have To Be So Grueling? 4...Read more


5 Pricing Tips How Expensive Products Take Market Share

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You don’t want to be cheap and you don’t want to sell inexpensive either. We discussed the 4 reasons you should aim high but pricing high can easily lead to market share isolation. The reason is simple – chances are that nobody knows your product; nobody knows your brand and nobody would...Read more


Top 8 in HR on 23.Oct.2012

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HR's Future Looks Strategic—or Does It? Turn Your Expertise Into a Second Career Cover Letters in the Age of Email 6 Red Flags Employers See in Your Job History Five Most Effective Ways to Invest in Your Career What It Means to Provide a Good Candidate Experience ...Read more


Why Start Your Journey with a Journal?

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­­­In our first article we considered the links between inspiration and motivation and how to avoid desperation. If you're still with me and reading this second article, can we assume that you have already been inspired to start a new journey in business, or perhaps in your life? ...Read more


4 Arguments to Support the High Pricing Strategy for your Startup

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Today is the first day of your startup. You know your competition. You know your product. You want to make money. You want to sell. Then you start researching and you get to know the 20 Pricing Models and you feel lost in space. Basically all of them lead to the same old choice – sell low price with...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 22.Oct.2012

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Is it time to give up on performance appraisals? Recruit people who focus on solutions not who jockey for position on corporate ladder Engagement and motivation now more important for reward professionals than attraction and retention Employees hate/love to go to participate in training ...Read more


Top 6 in HR on 19.Oct.2012

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The 60-Hour Workweek Is a Myth Want Big Change? Embrace Chaos 10 Companies Hiring the Most Right Now How To Recover From Failure What The World's 5th Most-In-Demand Employer Is Looking For 10 Things Winners Do Differently Read more


Top 9 in HR on 18.Oct.2012

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Killer Motivating Tactic: Break the Time Clock 18 Ways Job Seekers Have Impressed Prospective Employers How To Become An Expert Without Knowing Anything And Get Hired By A Startup That Could Make You Millions Let’s Discuss: Is LinkedIn a Job Board? How To Turn Yourself Into An...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 17.Oct.2012

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If You Want to Lead, Read These 10 Books How to Create a To-Do List that Makes You Smile What Happens to Your Online Application? What The Most Successful CEOs Know About Time Management Understanding the Zombie Teen's Body Clock 10 Ways to Get into Money Vibration ...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 17.ct.2012

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Finding A Babysitter Online: Too Risky? Show me the money! Arresting Jill Stein - Stupidest Idea I Ever Heard The Key to Great Leadership: Stop Overmanaging 100 Founders Share Their Top "Aha" Moments -- Guess How Many Jobs They've Created So Far? Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 16.ct.2012

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4 Easy Ways to Become an Expert in Your Field; Why You Need To Lead With Your Heart; Fail Fast, Succeed Faster; Doing Good And Making Money; The Right Way to Be a Mentor   Read more


Top 8 in HR on 16.Oct.2012

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How to be an effective team leader Bosses: What Will You Do Differently Today? 6 Ways to Spoil Great PR Opportunities This is Your Brain on Organizational Change Presentation? Do This Feedback? Get some. Why you need to think about change – right now 8 Things...Read more


Top 8 in HR on 15.Oct.2012

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10 Habits That Are Making You Miserable At Work 7 Ways Hiring Is Like Competing In An Ironman Five Questions To Prime Your Candidate Before Extending an Offer 5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Fall off the Fast-track The Top 100 Movie Quotes for HR Pros: #83 is "What The Heck...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 15.ct.2012

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How To Say No At Work; Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Young Millionaire?; Steps To Effective Change Management; 24 Ways To Be Uncommonly Productive Today; 14 Things You Should Do at the Start of Every Work Day Read more


Are You driven by Motivation?

Category: Leadership | |

Does Inspiration, motivation or desperation rule your journey of life? When we consider our ongoing life or business as a series of journeys, it may well be inspiration that causes us to climb into our car, put the key in the ignition and start the engine. However it is motivation that will keep us...Read more


How to save 450 lives in 10 months

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Little brothers Mark, Mickey, and Mike were born on the streets of Bulgaria, like countless other dogs. Their Mom was poisoned, likely on purpose. The babies were found huddled in a squirmy, scared pile next to Mom's lifeless body. A local animal rescue group took the brothers into foster care but...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 12.ct.2012

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Why Do We Need More Women In Technology?; 10 Ways to Make You the Best Part of Your Startup; How to Take a Vacation From Your Business; So You Want to Write A Business Book...; Why I Think I'm Better Than You   Read more


Top 6 in HR on 12.Oct.2012

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Employer Explains Why He Won't Hire The Unemployed Employees Get Creative When Calling in Sick How to Fire an Employee The 20 Most Desired Employers  Intuition Plays Hidden, but Important, Role at Work  Put yourself in the frame for the top job Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 11.ct.2012

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4 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road; Manage Like Napoleon; When To Say No To Harvard; 7 Laws About Time Management Every Entrepreneur Should Know; 5 Reasons to Love Working From Home Read more


20 Ways to Set a Price Tag - The Ultimate Pricing Strategies Summary

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This is the missing summary of what you need to know when you are stuck with how much your product should cost and wondering where you start from. By now you must be aware that there are three main ways to increase your profit: (1) lower your costs, (2) increase your positive income-bearing sales volume...Read more


Top 7 in HR on 11.Oct.2012

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How to Write a Recommendation Letter 6 Questions To Ask During The Informational Interview  Who Owns Talent Management? Developing Your Talent Through Robust Training & Learning Initiatives Want Better Meetings? Get Rid Of Noise, Toys And Spectators When Someone You Work...Read more


The Anonymous Animal Missionary

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This is an average neighborhood in Varna, Bulgaria, earlier this week. The neighborhood consists of condo buildings with green areas between them. It is in those green areas and around the buildings that homeless animals seek refuge. What you see in this picture is the area in front of the building in...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 10.ct.2012

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To Achieve Your Goals, Learn How To Hack Your Brain; Great Leaders Don't Do It Alone . . . They Get Help; Diversity Drives Innovation; How to Grow by Merging; If You Have To Fail -- And You Do -- Fail Forward   Read more


Top 6 in HR on 10.Oct.2012

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Good Reasons Why Beautiful People Have Higher Salaries Do Your Employees Make You a Better Manager? Is Your Workplace Environment Affecting How Employees Work with Each Other Why tracking employee hours is dumb The Best Perks Are Free How To Be Happy At Any Job Read more


Live Now! - Red Bull Stratos - freefall from the edge of space

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Red Bull Stratos is a mission to the edge of space that will try to surpass human limits that have existed for more than 50 years. Supported by a team of experts, Felix Baumgartner will undertake a stratospheric balloon flight to more than 120,000 feet / 36,576 meters and make a record-breaking freefall...Read more


7 Realms of Success and Perfectionism - Picked Yours?

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We all live under the same sky but not all of us see the same horizon. This goes for those of you who want to be the best! Truth is I am one of you guys. I love success and I hate failure. I give 110% to be where I want to stand and have what I want. As a result I am who I want to be, have what I want to...Read more


Top 8 in HR on 09.Oct.2012

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Holding Employees Accountable 5 Proven Ways to Impress Your Boss How to Get Noticed At Work Meet Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's Recruiter-in-Chief Why Most Employees Wish They Had A Different Job See a New Twist on Job Descriptions How online job searches worsen the job...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 09.ct.2012

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What is your true calling?; A manner of speaking; Who's The Best Leader You Ever Had?; How to Make $1 Million in Revenue; Small Businesses Are A Job Engine Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 08.ct.2012

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Startups Take on the Business of Education; Small Is The New Big For A Retirement Business; The Future of Scheduling; Being Financially Fit can Help Your Heart!; How Are You Managing The Velocity Of Change? Read more


Top 9 in HR on 08.Oct.2012

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3 Soft Skills You Need To Get Hired What lessons HR can learn from the Olympics and Paralympics? Motivating staff and the changing workplace culture 100 Star Interview Questions that Help You Prepare  Big Data Comes to HR Advance Your Career – Six Free Resources 5...Read more


p 5 in Entrepreneurship on 05.ct.2012

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10 Stories From the Web to Know About This Week; 3 Tips for Achieving Your Work/Life Balance; How to Attract the Clients You Want (Video); The Greatest Business Decisions Of All Time; How to Prevent Your Business From Ruining Your Personal Life Read more


Top 8 in HR on 05.Oct.2012

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Everything You Learned About Strategy Is Wrong Business is War, Learn to Adapt The No. 1 Enemy of Creativity: Fear of Failure 11 Companies With The Least Productive Employees 9 Things Every Inspired Person (That’s YOU) Should Know Survey: Higher Education Required for Future...Read more


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Visualize Your Way to Success (Really!) 40 Things To Say Before You Die Lessons From Jim Lehrer: Three Ways to Blow Facilitating Your Next Meeting 5 Traits of True Leaders How to Present to Senior Executives 10 Things to Consider When Starting a Business in a Down Economy ...Read more


Short Interview Lessons Part 1

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What’s an interview? Interviewing is a 2 way process. Most of the people roll their eyes when they read this as they first think that the point of the interview is to get the job. Here I want to break out your illusion and make you clearly understand what is the interview and how to handle the...Read more


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10 Job Interview Questions You Should Never Ask How Do You Adjust To Working With Smarter People? Leading the Competition? Be Careful Gen Y Career Expert Shares 4 Tips To Acing The Job Interview 3 Things Our Employees Hate to Do Fortune's Most Powerful Woman Shares Her...Read more


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 A 2 Minute Mix Of The Top 40 Classic Inspirational Speeches; 6 Tips for Staying Supercharged; 9 Steps to Close Your Startup Sales Deals; 5 Steps To Transform Your Life - Step 5; What's Inside Your Company? From The Outside, a Mystery   Read more


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The truth about goals; Managing yourself while managing others; 5 Easy Steps to Jumpstart Your Business; How To Become An Expert Online; Putting the "we" into your team Read more


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How to Stop Making Excuses and Get What You Want 5 Tips for Better Sales Meetings 9 Things You Wish Job Candidates Knew If Your Colleague Gets Promoted, Here's What You Need To Remember Job-Hoppers Actually Make Less Money Than Those Who Stay Hire Candidates With These 5...Read more


Inspiring story carved with love and dug with hammer and nails

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Have you ever wondered what determination can do to a man's life? Have you ever wondered what your mission is? This story is about determination in a world not so many of us know or would ever encounter. His name is Dashrath Manjhi, known as the Mountain Man, born and raised in a poor family in...Read more


Startup Press: Global Kitchen

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Global Kitchen is a for-profit social enterprise born from a love of food, stories, and shared meals. These elements are woven into our immigrant-led cooking classes to celebrate our chef instructors’ culture and cooking. Global Kitchen chef instructors have their own food business so the classes...Read more


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10 Practical Tips To Make Business Travel Less Miserable; Four Ways Start-ups Can Get and Keep Customers; 10 Top Reasons For First-time Entrepreneur Failure; Are You a Character-Based Leader?; How to Succeed, Since Success Is Random Read more


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Is Your Job Honeymoon Over? HR legal revolution: It's all happening today Emotionally engaged employees exhibit higher levels of performance and personal wellbeing How Big Companies Should Innovate Who Really Creates the Jobs? 8 Ways to Add More Life to Your Years ...Read more


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Businesses Lose Money From Bad Accounting; Test Your Venture Ideas: Interview with Frank Rimalovski; How much can I sell my startup for?; Become A Leader Others Want To Follow; 4 Tips for Using Pinterest to Market Your Startup Read more


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How to Make Your CV Stand Out The Most Important Job Interview Question Top employers for Working Families: Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust Why It's Better To Hire The Least Qualified Person For The Job interviewing with a company you’re in awe of 7 Reasons...Read more


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Why Written Agreements Are Critical for Doing Business (Video); Investing In The Business Of Fun; Does Working From Home Work For You?; Build a Living based on What You Know and Love; How To Survive Working For Yourself Read more


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Most employees plan to stay put, reveals Deloitte global survey Top Employers for Working Families : Wales and West Housing Create Value With Human Resource Measures 10 Body Language Tics That Could Cost You The Interview -- And The Job 5 Interview Mistakes Millennials Make ...Read more


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The One Talent That Makes Good Leaders Great; 5 Tools To Help You Close Sales Deals; How To Manage When You Hate Being A Manager; 3 Easy Exercises to Boost Your Creativity; 3 Reasons Why the Customer Isn't Always Right Read more


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Stand Out in Your Interview Top Employers for Working Families : Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Interviewer told me I’m being wasted in my current job 6 Ways To Get A Job After You've Been Your Own Boss 12 Things I've Learned From Being Unemployed Recruiters won’t...Read more


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A Reason for Optimism in Small Business Investing; For young entrepreneurs, the price of a startup could be your mental health; Is Being Nice A Negative For Women In Business?; How to Relate Your Technology to Business Values; How to Manage Well in Hard Times - Build 3 Key Skills Read more


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Stop Interrogating – Start Discovering How to use LinkedIn for your job search How to Welcome New Employees With a Letter Job Satisfaction Against the Odds Questions You Must Ask Before Asking for Change How to Minimize Your Biases When Making Decisions 5 Ways to Lead...Read more


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Top 50 Schools for Entrepreneurs in 2012; Living On The Edge; The 9 People on My Bucket List; How Much Is Enough?; Add Startups to Balance Your Portfolio, If You Dare Read more


5 Ways to Brand Your Name Professionally

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You must take a side! You cannot be indifferent anymore because the digital world is taking over. You have a choice to be “invisible” online or brand your “visibility”. Taken down to operational level you have the choice to use all the tools available to make yourself known with...Read more


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6 Ways To Damage Your Reputation In A New Job When to Leave Your Company to Advance Your Career Emotional intelligence and improving business performance Recruiting Firms or Applying Online – Which is Better Quit Multitasking: How To Unitask And Get More Done Read more


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How to Make One Better Decision Each Day; The Two Paths To Innovation; Lessons From An Old Master'; What Zara, P&G, And Berlitz Know About Agility; Fresh Ways To Fish For Better Ideas   Read more


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Should Recruiters Pin their Hopes on Pinterest? What It Takes to be Great Google Named the World’s Most Attractive Employer 10 Things No One Can Steal From You 5 Reasons to Ditch Your Dress Code 3 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Businesses How Not to Say Yes Read more


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3 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Trulia's Mega Success; Why Startups Should Study Abroad; 8 Reasons Startups With Good Ideas Fail; What Is Your Core Values Playlist?; Seven (7) Steps to Entrepreneurial Success Read more


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Seven Ways To Better Manage Your External Talent Does HR add any value? Bosses: When You Should--and Shouldn't--Speak Building the Organizational Habit of Career Development Meet the New Boss: Big Data 7 Ways to Scare off a Recruiter Why Burnout Should Alarm...Read more


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2012 Your HR Department Survey Released by BLR 10 Things Not to Do When Interviewing (and 4 Bonus Tips) 11 Things Everyone Needs You to Know Your Body Language Speaks for You in Meetings How Email Hurts Your Business Read more


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Why Women Entrepreneurs Make Less Than Men; Does Working From Home Work?; Managing a virtual boss; How to Build an Ethical Business Culture; Lessons From The World's Best Bosses Read more


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5 Quick Ways to Get an Interview How to Carry the Job Search - 7 Steps to Get a Good Job Want a Job? You Can Commit a Crime — Just Don’t Job-Hop Leadership Development is not Supposed to be FUN Hire Tough, Manage Easy… and 25 Other Workplace Truisms The Most Outlandish...Read more


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3 Creative Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone; How to Change the World with One Small Step; 5 Essentials of Small Business Investing; 3 Reasons to Consider a Legal Exit Strategy (Video); What I Learned From Launching; Read more


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The Simplest Definition of Entrepreneurship; 3 Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn's Company Pages; The Six Secrets of Self-Control; The Secret to Great Innovation: R&D Clusters; Winners Know When to Quit Read more


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How to Fix a Skill Mismatch How HR Can Drive the New Social Business 8 Ways To Handle A Request For a Higher Starting Salary The Bold Recruiters Toolkit — 50 Tools for Aggressive Recruiters (Part 1 of a 2-Part Series) The Six Secrets of Self-Control 9 Secrets of Highly...Read more


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If You Don't Take Risks, Someone Else Will; So you think you can lead?; Googling Your Lost Keys, And The Coming Revolution In Smart Products; 10 Top Reasons Why First-Time Entrepreneurs Fail; 4 Tips for Using Pinterest to Market Your Startup; Managing a virtual boss Read more


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When you’re asked to critique an employer in an interview How Do You Know When It's Time To Leave Your Company And Move On? Seven Ways To Perfect Your Resume I messed up: Should I resign or wait to be fired? When a positive reference suddenly turns negative  Employee...Read more


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Entrepreneurs Who Turned Hobbies into Million-Dollar Businesses; Five Things You Need To Know About Internships; Are Younger Or Older Entrepreneurs More Successful? ; 5 Ways to Generate Genuine Feedback for Your New Product; 3 Ways to Become a Strategic Risk Taker Read more


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View departing staff as part of an alumni network that benefits you in the long term How to NOT Hire Great People 9 Unconventional And Low-Tech Time Management Tips What to Do After Your Job Interview The Critical Skills You Need To Succeed In The Job Market Of 2020 Why Job...Read more


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Why Success Is Never Final And Failure Is Never Fatal; 3 Things You Can Recycle But Probably Don’t; Why Entrepreneurs Should Hold Events; Steve Case: Entrepreneurs are American heroes; How to Prevent Your Business From Ruining Your Personal Life   Read more


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Seven Keys to Adjusting to a New Boss CEO for a Day: Unconventional HR Should I Give Myself A Deadline To Find A Job? Are you biased against "dirty jobs"? Letter of Rejection Read more


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10 Free Tools Every Female Entrepreneur Should Use; The Man Who Owns (Almost) All the Burger Kings; For a Startup, Two Heads are Always Better Than One; Qaiku.com – What Can We Learn From Failure?; Two Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur; The Times They Are A Changing; ...Read more


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Transforming the Learning and Training Function into a Revenue Generator What Recruiters Wish Job Seekers Knew Make Gen Y Employees Successful Stop Stressing These 7 Elements of Your Job Search How To Ask For A Raise And Get It Make the Job a Game How To Cope With A Mean...Read more


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How to Win Your Ideal Role – CV & Interview Preparation Take Care Of Your People And They'll Take Care Of You Ready to Hit the Door? A “Normal” Interview at Starbuck’s The Global HR Recruitment Marketplace 5 Resume Tips You May Overlook Read more


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Business Ideas from the London Olympics 2012; You Want How Much Ownership In My Business?; What Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Team Training From NASA’s Mission to Mars; Project Management For Profit; Entrepreneurs: Are You Really Happy? Read more


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Everyone Likes a Compliment; Small Business Reading Guide; Advice for the expert leader; Three Best Ads Ever for Entrepreneurs; A Secret to Green Business Success Read more


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Collaboration and Other Work Management Tools Are Game Changers in HR Software Am I bothered? Unhappy workers biding their time, survey finds HR, Your Input Is Needed Businesses must review talent management and recruitment with a gender lens The Rise of the New Contract Worker ...Read more


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More Vacation is the Secret Sauce 3 Questions To Help Find The Job Of Your Dreams -- Or Create Your Own Never Make a Cold Call Again: 4 Tips A Year Without a Computer What’s New: LinkedIn; myCNAjobs; HR Fund; TalentBin; Job Boards My new boss treats me like her personal...Read more


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10 Ways To Build Confidence When Facing a Storm; 5 Simple Rules For Better Branded Video; Nest's Fadell: Great Experience = Riches; Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert; The World's Most Innovative Companies Read more


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How To Find A Job In 90 Days Use Big Data to Predict Your Customers' Behaviors The Countries Producing The Most Future Leaders -- The U.S. Lags What You Should Never Compromise On While Building Your Career Step Into the Office-Less Company Why The Hiring Process Should...Read more


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15 Ways Rich People Think Differently; Entrepreneurs are the New Labor: Part II; 5 Tips and Tools to Create a Company Culture When You Run a Virtual Business; More Financial Advertising Is Coming; Entrepreneurs are the New Labor: Part III Read more


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Getting Your Resume To The Right Person What Do Candidates Think About Your Employment Brand? Top Five In-Demand Jobs in IT How To Learn Anything In Five Not-So-Easy Steps 5 Essential Lessons for First-Time Managers Stop Overworking & Start Leading Communication is not...Read more


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How To Make The Most Of Your Too-Short Work Break; 4 Easy Ways to Save Your Business Money; 5 Simple Tools That Make Email Suck Less; Entrepreneurs are the New Labor: Part I; Online Working Success Story (Video) Read more


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The price of poor listening; 5 Smart Ways to Get Control of Your Inbox; The Unwritten Secrets for Choosing a Startup Mentor; Friendship for sale (30% off!); Back-To-School Season For Your Reputation Read more


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3 Ways to Achieve More Success in Your Career Learn to Set Goals Friendship for sale (30% off!) Growing? How to Maintain Your Start-up Culture Why I'm Still Getting My Hands Dirty 9 Free Ways to Become Wealthy   Read more


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10 Jobs In High Demand In 2012 And Beyond How to Start Your New Job on the Right Foot 45 Percent Would Cut Salary for Flexibility If You Want a Job, Start Doing It Reference Checks Eight Reasons Gen Y Will Soon Take Your Job 5 things a boss must do before firing someone ...Read more


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3 Ways Your Startup Can Work Smarter; Why your Facebook Page has fewer likes; Bic For Her: What They Were Actually Thinking ; How To Manage Thinkers, And Feelers, Effectively; I Like to Watch Read more


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A third of companies worldwide plan to up HR spend to combat recession Demand Up for Recruiters with Social Media Skills Are really fast interview invitations off-putting? How Big Companies Recruit and Hire for IT Skills  Empowering HR Consultants 10 Tips to Avoid Bombing...Read more


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What Does It Feel Like To Be A Self-Made Millionaire Under The Age Of 25?; The Business Case For Meditation; 7 Biggest Tax Mistakes New Startups Make; 6 Keys to Moving Startup Leaders From Good to Great; 10 Reasons Why Some People Love What They Do Read more


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6 Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Job Is this a trick question? How To Save A Bad Interview My Unemployed Life: Am I Not Getting The Job Because I Don't Expect To? Read more


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On Entrepreneurs & Earned Media; Four Things Companies Will Do Differently in the Digital Future; What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Their Brains; Most Powerful Women in the United States; A Startup Conversation with Steve Blank Read more


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5 Essential Tips To Make Your Social Profiles Resume-Ready Looking for Great Employees? Recruit Athletes Companies Can Name Their Stars but Struggle to Retain Them 7 Questions Job Seekers Should Always Ask 6 Things NOT To Do In A Job Interview What To Do After The Job...Read more


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Should You Create Your Business Plan on Pinterest?; Visionary Entreprenuership: A Life Story; Keep Calm and Cupcake On: Customer Service Lessons From a Cupcake Shop; Should You Quit Being An Entrepreneur?; Three Quick Thoughts on Innovation: It's About Nurturing Ideas Read more


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Five Questions to Ask Before Joining that Start-up Career Lessons From The Most Powerful Women Work is like a family: and that's the problem Talent Management Is Your Contribution how can I write shorter cover letters? Read more


Customized Kanban Tool to Manage Your Business (File Template)

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There is a tool gaining much popularity in the Business managerial communities nowadays. Moreover it is well related to the Business Intelligence industry in terms of getting the needed at the right time. It is actually an old tool in a new disguise – Kanban is a concept related to the Lean and Just...Read more


9 Lean Startup Pivots When Your Business Needs a Change

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Do you feel it is time for a change? Leading a team or a whole business requires much responsibility and decision making quickly and efficiently. We presented a nice handy tool, the Customized Kanban Tool, that helps in Business Administration to plan, design, run and monitor experiments using metrics from...Read more


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Start A Company When You're 25 -- Not When You're 52; Why It's Not The One Thing; Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making; Where To Find Your One Big Idea; The Ascent Of The Arab Startup Read more


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“Bring Your People With You” | How Quest Diagnostics Empowers Employment FakeBook Effects on Recruiting HR Service Delivery will be Changing Rapidly 12 Negative Thoughts Holding You Back The 4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Outsourcing Your Life Read more


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SLIDESHARE: 5 Traits of Successful Marketers That Recruiters and HR Pros Can Learn From... Go for Meaningful Communication How to train your managers -- Leadership training for employees Hiring 101 Part 9 - Interviewing People with Disabilities What’s a great boss worth? A...Read more


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How to Create Great Content for Your Website; Should You 'Write the Book' on Your Business?; 9 Millionaire Entrepreneurs Turned Authors; 3 Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn to Boost Sales; Why Your Business Plan Is Probably Incomplete Read more


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Job Postings for E-commerce Pros Up 31% Over Last 12 Months How to be successful before breakfast How to handle an exit interview 4 Tips to Dramatically Improve Any Skill Ten Horrible Reasons To Get Rich The Mid-Mid Life Crisis 7 Ways To Keep High-Potential Gen Y’ers...Read more


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Don't Innovate, Imitate; Do You Participate In the Insurance Buying Process?; Why First is Best; How To Change Your Brain For The Better; Don't Build That Yourself Read more


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The Myth of the Passive Candidate Is It Crazy To Turn Down A Job Interview? Finding a job in the next year is 'unachievable' Ask weird interview questions to win the war for talent 5 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job Documentation--the Good, the Bad, the Missing ...Read more


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4 Do's and Don'ts For a Casual Dress Code; Why Only Rich People Feel Busy; Can Facebook Recover The Face It Lost?; The Hottest Franchises; Austin: The Best Place for Your Startup? Read more


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  Are You Using a Job Description 2.0? Knowledge Ain’t What It Used to Be: Professionals as Guardians of ‘Knowledge-Cool’ The Six Training Topics that Will Keep You Out of Court Smart Leaders Get More Out of the Employees They Have Venture Capital Firms on the Road to...Read more


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How The Government Saved The Internet; 10 Comments You Never Want to Hear in a Startup from Startup Professionals Musings by MartinZwilling; How can Your Business Blog be More Useful to Its Readers?; What Makes A City A City? New Visual System Identifies City Characteristics; ...Read more


Become a British Lord or Baroness for 29.99!

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The readers of MBN News have the honor and privilege to become legal Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness for only 29.99 British Pounds! The opportunity is provided by the sovereign British Principality Sealand. The independence of Sealand was upheld in a 1968 British court decision. The official language of...Read more


I Asked 21 Entrepreneurs How They Define Success. This Is What They Said

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Being an entrepreneur is like hiking in the mountain – the lower you are, the more attractive the top looks like; the higher you are, the more attractive the foot of the mountain looks like. Truth is that entrepreneurship is a mountain path full of obstacles, privation and burdens few people are...Read more


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7 Steps to Landing and Profiting from Celebrity Customers; Startup and the city: You’re dating your company; 10 Keys to Maximizing Personal Gain From a Startup; 4 Key Opportunities Your Startup Shouldn't Miss; 4 Things To Consider When Contemplating A Major Career Change Read more


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Is it a good idea to ask your interviewer did get the job 6 Signs You Need to Leave Your Job Interview Outline Why The Jobs Recovery Favors Single Workers 5 Principles Of Successful Job Hunting In A Down Economy Control Your Environment to HR Maximize Outcomes Read more


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Ten Female Millionaires To Watch In Africa; 3 Reasons to Incorporate Your Business (Video); 3 Simple Words For A More Successful Startup; Three Luxuries That Became Essentials; How To Be A Great Sports Agent Read more


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Why Few Employers Are Winning The War For Talent Informational Interviewing What you can do if employer force you to do things you don`t like How to train a new hire How HR Can Become a Player How to Get a Raise If You're Looking for a Job, Get Out of Your Own Way ...Read more


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Winning The White House--Or New Business--Is All About Better Story Selling; How to Become the CEO of Your Own Company This Year; Why I Only Carry One Business Card; Are You Building A Small Business - Or A Startup?; Are You Missing These Three Key Sales Prospecting Strategies? ...Read more


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How Much Should You Ask For When You Ask for a Raise? The Hiring of 2012 University/College Undergraduates and Postgraduates   Asking For a Raise? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself First Crazy Social Media Recruitment Techniques: Do They Work? Rewarding Positive Deviance Read more


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Customers Are People, Too; What Color is Your Olympic Medal?; 9 Tips for Business Success from Costco's Jim Sinegal; What your people really want; If You're With A Customer, You're The Most Important Person; Read more


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When an Interviewer Asks “Why Shouldn’t We Hire You?” The First Question People Must Ask at a Problem Solving Meeting How to Answer Interview Questions What To Do When the Company is Just Not That Into You How To Turn Down A Job Offer 10 Reasons Your Resume Isn't...Read more


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6 New Ways To Encourage Work Ethic; SEO Isn't What You Think It Is; Mistakes The London Olympics Has Reminded Us Not To Make; Leadership Lessons from the Olympics for Every Businessman and Woman; The Happiest Jobs In America; These 10 Key Elements Make a Business Plan...Read more


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Why Some Jobs Make Us Happier Than Others Conquering the Job Search After a Long-Term Absence Stop Trying to Get a Seat at the Table Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective International HR Professionals At What Point in My Job Search Should I Resign theCurrent Job? ...Read more


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What To Do When Good Hires Go Bad 15 Ways to Be Irresistibly Attractive Top Lessons Learned From the 80s Films of John Hughes Managing Effectively in a Matrix When Careers Aren't Paths: Using Networks to Grow Your Future Top 25 Companies For Work-Life Balance Stop...Read more


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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Came From, It Matters What You Do 5 Things Starting Up Taught Me About Working Smarter How to Hire Extraordinary Employees: 7 Rules The Case for Earning a Humanities Degree The invisible elephant: radical, ethical, authentic leadership Compliments...Read more


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Top 5 American cities for startups; The new summer vacation: 8 ways to build your business during downtime; How to Turn Trouble into Profit; The Link Between Quietness And Productivity; Marriage, Facebook Style Read more


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If You Need A Change In Your Job, Take The Help Of A Job Consultant From Time Behind Bars, Business Plans Grow 10 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Negativity My Life as a Telecommuting Robot Prevent Hack Attacks: 5 Things to Do Today Uh-Oh: Do People Think You're a Bully? ...Read more


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5 Steps to Creating Effective Customer Surveys; Succeeding in the Internet Age: A Website is No Longer Just an Option; 7 Second-Act Entrepreneurs; How Leaders Build Trust; Mr. President, you are correct. I didn't build "that." Read more


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4 Reasons More Meetings Won't Produce Change HOW TO: Find the Right Leadership Training for Your Company HR Departments in Flux—What Are Best Practice Companies Doing? Three Things Your Company Can Learn from a Bottle of Water Understanding Someone's Inner Logic FIND...Read more


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What You Need to Know About Pricing; What Leaders Do When They're At Their Best; 7 Ways To Educate Your Way Into Making The Sale; Eight Ways To Get Paid Faster; How to Reduce Your Budget and Reduce Startup Risk Read more


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'What Should I Be Doing?' Goodbye, Resume? Not so Fast, Experts Say Companies with high performing HR departments, enjoy 3.5 times the revenue growth Training waste – it needn’t be so Seven Job-Search Tips If You're Over 50 Is Ethnicity a Barrier to Growth in...Read more


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Can Brands Be Too Big To Do Good?; Can We Design Our Way to a Healthier America?; 4 Ways To Make Meetings Suck Less; 3 Business Lessons Learned From These 2012 Female Olympic Gold Medalists; Is self-help helping? Read more


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Motivate Your Core Performers to Become Star Performers Hiring is a Top CEO Priority Toughest Interview Questions: Why They're Asked And How To Answer How To Build A Winning Startup Team The Candidate Experience, and Other Stuff HR Wastes Time On Read more


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Small Business Campaign Advice For President Obama Body Language Will Make Or Break Future Leaders 5 Ways Brands Can Learn To Speak American How to Create Your Own Luck Female Flirting: Sound Business Strategy Read more


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Some Great Mistakes Young Job Seekers Do Some Reasons You Didn't Get The Job Sample Human Resources Letters How to Reject Job Candidates Thats Why You Never Hear Back After Applying For A Job Your Next Group Interview : Some Tips Things You Must Do Before Quiting...Read more


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All-Star Student Entrepreneurs - Forbes; How London Prepared For The First Mobile Olympics; The Most Entrepreneurial Colleges; Storage Secrets for Small Business; Make Blog Reading Part Of Your Day Read more


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Recruiting Services Empowers Small Businesses 5 Signs That You Will Be Fired How To Fight The Unemployed Discrimination What To Say On Your Exit Interview It's All in the Name. Job Title Article  Conducting an Interview with Know-How Use Social Media for...Read more


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Right People, Right Place, Right Time; Small Business + Small Marketing = Really Big Losses; 3 Reasons Why Your Website Should Include Terms and Conditions (Video); 7 Ways You're Wasting Time and Don't Even Know It; Why following your passion is bed for business Read more


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Are You a Good HR Professional ? Three Mistakes Recruiters Make Do You Need to Define Your Employment Brand? Some Reasons Why You Are Not Being Promoted Legal Interview Questions How To Be An Olympic Athlete At Work Job Application Controversies Read more


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Entrepreneurs Need to Expect and Learn From Failure; Facebook Is Not Free; Generous Leaders Aren't Naive - They're Confiden; The Cloud for Small Business; 5 tips for selling to the new power generation Read more


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How to stay tuned in your job Are you a Social HR Leader? From Summer Job Into A Full-Time Job Why You Need to Love the Job You Have What Does a HR Really Do? Read more


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10 Success Secrets of Olympic Greats; What Will the Internet Look Like in 5 Years?; The 6 Personalities Every Startup Needs To Thrive; 1 Little Thing that Kills Momentum; The World's 25 Biggest Oil Companies Read more


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Born To Succeed: 7 Career Lessons From Bruce Springsteen The Best Financial Services Companies To Work For Thirty-Seven Percent of Organizations Use Social Media to Research Job Candidates 60 Empowering Quotes to Help You Get Things Done Staff spend up to three hours a day working...Read more


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7 Lessons from Female Olympians for All Ambitious Women; Selling to The Bottom of the Pyramid; Six Street Smart Startup Survival Secrets; When Your Small Business Needs a Lawyer; 3 Strategies for Using Facebook's Promoted Posts Read more


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Turn Your Hobby Into Company Profits How To Network in 2012 Hybrid meetings can be the toughest Why You Don't Need Salespeople Intuition Blockers Read more


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7 Ways to Foster Loyalty; Don't Let These 5 Startup Myths Slow You Down; What Not to Write In Your Business Plan; Is America the Greatest Country in the World?; Good Entrepreneur Ethics Increase Business Value Read more


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What kind of coach are you? How to identify your career coaching style How Extremely Successful People Get Their Boss To Say Yes It's official: work makes people happy, says ONS How safe are your secrets? Give Your Boss What She Needs, Not Just What She Requests A Simple...Read more


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5 Lessons For Female Entrepreneurs; Four Signs a Relationship Is Failing; 3 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting to Facebook; Should Your Startup Stay Or Should It Go?; 3 Simple Ways to Discover Your Passion Read more


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Interview with Michael O'Hare, chief HR officer at Heineken Who are the Most Influential HR directors and academics in 2012? Ten Ways to Inhibit Innovation Success: You're Measuring It Wrong Tough Time Recruiting? It May Be Your Benefits Package. Tim Sackett analyzes...Read more


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Why Everyone Should Do Customer Support Why I Like Movies on a Teeny, Tiny Screen How to Run Your Business in the Cloud with TeamWox What Every Student Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Succeed (7) Grants & Competitions How to Train Your Creative Mind 13 Tips to Stay Motivated in...Read more


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Think Hiring Is Tough In The Valley? Now Europe Joins The Talent Wars Best Way to Make Employees Better at Their Jobs Who Are You Really Mad At? Does Big Data Matter? 11 Things You Should Leave in the Past Read more


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Entrepreneurs Who Can See Around the Corner; Predicting The Strange Future Relationship of Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook; 3 Tips for Leading Your Business During a Personal Crisis; 5 Startups to Watch; How To Manage Your Startup's U.S. Expansion Read more


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"I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar" Are Career Plans Are Dangerous what to say when you negotiate salary Earn The Employee Commitment Why Your Handshake Matters Read more


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5 Ways To Leave A Good Impression How to use facts in your job hunt Videos about "How to hire an employee" Dose your company needs a leadership training? Make Career Management a Priority Dave Ulrich about the future of HR Read more


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20 Lessons from Walt Disney on Entreprenuership, Innovation and Chasing Your Dreams; 10 Low-cost summertime startups ; How Your Guitar Really Can Pay The Bills; Three Questions Every Salesperson Should Ask; Running To Be A Great CEO   Read more


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8 Mistakes on Your Cover Letter You shoud not make Interview with Nisha Raghavan - International HR Why You Don't Deserve a Raise Employees Do Waste Time at Work The types of people you need to have a great team Why small firms need to turn for HR professioanl Read more


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Right Before The Job Interview Conducting Legal Interviews One Common Mistake with Job Descriptions apply through a recruiter or directly with the employer? Companies Recruit with Social Media Employee Retention Strategies Read more


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5 Tips On Working Remotely From A Guy Who Works Reaaaally Remotely; How Running a Small Business Has Changed: Recap; 5 Ways To Ensure That Team Members Develop Into Great Leaders; For Instant Profitability, Start Your Company With 6 Celebrities; To Boost Small Business Credit, Think...Read more


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Job Description Danger Are Managers Really Necessary? When employer has rules for raises Questions About Implementing Your Dress Code Turn Time Management On Its Head Read more


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6 Things That Will Make You (and Your Manager) a Better Leader; New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs; 4 Start-Up Accounting Tips for the Young ‘Trep; I am Trying to Avoid Bankruptcy – What should I do?; How To Create A Minimum Viable Product Read more


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5 Sure Signs A Startup Firm Will Succeed; 7 Tips to Successful Fundraising for Young Entrepreneurs; 3 Ways Successful People Prioritize Their To-Do Lists; 3 Stories Of Advancing Causes--And Profits; Push to Start: Building Enterprises through Education Read more


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Try Out a New Career Before You Make the Leap 2 Radical Ideas for Start-up Success Interviewing For A Job? The Number One Way To Stand Out From The Pack Are you Busy at Work, but Still Bored? 12 Happy Thoughts for Troubled Times   Read more


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Morning Advantage: Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word How to (Finally) Quit Your Job The Best Paying Companies For Marketing Professionals Flextime, Telecommuting – How To Attain Career Freedom 5 Leadership Lessons from 1960s Mayberry, N.C. Selfish Mistake That's Hurting...Read more


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The Power Of Being Different; Trying to Win a Government Contract? Avoid These 3 Mistakes; Creative Leadership: Democracy; Why brainstorming doesn't always work; Why Interns Are Your New Best Friends Read more


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Good Call on the Luxury Car Market; Easy Ways to Cut Telecommuting Costs; When 'Pay Me Later' Means Taxes Now; With a Little Help From My Friends; Lean Startups Need Business Plans, Too Read more


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Human Resources--STILL Not a Strategic Partner? How to Turn a Relationship Into a Sale Is Social Media Destroying Your Self-Esteem? candidate was a no-show for her interview, then wanted to reschedule 17 Deadliest Decisions You Can Make Managers are ill-equipped to deal with...Read more


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What To Do When Your Business Sucks Too Much; 5 Reasons Why You Need a Content Managed Website; Every Small Business Should Be A Google Power Searcher; How to Create a World Class Business Idea--in Six Easy Steps; Does Your Business Need a Boost? Read more


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10 Essential Rules for Initial Sales Calls 10 Habits of Remarkably Charismatic People Clif Bar's Kevin Cleary: Secret to Success? Passionate Employees The Case for Keeping a Fluid Employee Structure Updating Your Resume? Try This Quick Diagnostic First How Do You Make the...Read more


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Seven Mistakes Leaders Make in Setting Goals Economic Woes Yield a Talent Search Lacking Urgency 10 Timeless Lessons from a Life Well Lived 5 Things You Need to Know This Week… Why Companies Stack Rank The Performance of Employees... Read more


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5 Best Practices For Loyalty Programs; 12 Entrepreneurs That Are Changing LA Forever; Five Reasons Britain May Be The Best Place To Start A Company In 2012; How to Approach a Search for Company Information Online; The Price Is Right Read more


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Ask the Interview Questions How People Built Careers From Misfortune No More Managers. Everyone Leads Some Steps for Managing a Team High performance employees need to be inspired Read more


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What Makes a Great School?; 4 Steps for Managing a Team During a Crisis; 2 Timeless Principles for Building a Successful Business - Even In This Economy; To Why or Not to Why.... That is the Question!; How to Stop a Competitor from Using a Similar Business Name (Video) Read more


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Why HR Still Isn't a Strategic Partner Finding Good Jobs That Are Not Advertised Turn The Tables On A Bad Performance Review Job Candidates Need to Ask Good Questions Too Employers fail to take advantage of management training Secrets of Strategic HR Read more


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4 Ways to Find Your Next Revolutionary Idea; What Startups Services Do You Use And Pay For?; Do You Want A Logo Design Worth Remembering By Many?; How to Build Brands like Richard Branson; Check Your Business vs Family Balance This Holiday Read more


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SHRM 2012 Annual Conference Things You Can Do After A Bad Job Interview How to Build a team of Volunteers How To Get Along With All Types Of Personalities Get Out Of Your Career Rut Secure base leadership Read more


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America: Independent & Entrepreneurial; Women: It's Time to Own Your Potential; How To Properly Define "Great Leader"--And Act Like One; How to Survive Four Common Worst Case Scenarios; Secure base leadership Read more


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Men and women react differently to stress. Anger at work Re-double your commitment to training The Role of HR in Developing Leaders Social Media Questions for Job Seekers Read more


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Some Reasons You’re Not Earning the Salary You Want People with Unconventional Resumés Performance Management Program Short answers to some short questions How to deal with desingaged employees Read more


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We Don't Want To Be Too Small To Succeed For Those Too Big To Fail; How to Be Your Own PR Agency When the Media Calls; Ten reasons we hate meetings; The Most Connected Woman In Silicon Valley?; Entrepreneurs Need Focus on Their Business Model Read more


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Mobility As a Way To Retain Key Employees he drivers that make employees go the extra mile Talentism is the new capitalism 7 short answers to 7 short questions Read more


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Why You Should Kill Your Ideas; 7 Ways to Weigh Your Start-Up Risks — and Reduce Them; Times Are Tough; We all need proper vacations; 4 Leadership Messages Your Talent Needs to Hear Read more


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Google Maps: Now Helping Your Boss Track Your Every Move Yes, No, Maybe So: Defeating Decision Fatigue What to Expect When You Work for Yourself For Career Direction, Use Your Imagination 3 Benefits of Mapping Your Network Dealing with a Bad Boss How to Get People to Do...Read more


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Sell with Simplicity ; Print is Dead? Not so Fast.; 10 Team Building Actions That are Louder Than Words; 7 Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Is A Super Successful Billionaire; Culture: Don't Copy - Create;   Read more


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Types of Resume Template: Chronological and Functional HR technology special 7/7: an employer's view – Carole Jones, director of global HR strategy and organisational development at Aviva 7 Things You're Doing Wrong on LinkedIn 7 Rules for Meetings With Top Execs So You...Read more


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Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week; Managing Your Company's Behavioral Outliers; The New Case for Women on Corporate Boards: New Perspectives, Increased Profits; How to Give Four Generations Feedback; Succeed By Falling in Love With Your Customers' Problem; Read more


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Do You Need A Policy? Reference Checks Required Are You Professional? Here’s How to Find Out If We Work Into Our 70s, What Happens in the Workplace? Morning Advantage: How To Create a Billion Dollar Company HR Excellence Awards 2012 – Best Learning and Development...Read more


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What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Kids; 7 Excellent Films To Inspire Any Entrepreneur; 11 Things That The CIA & Their Agents Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship; 7 Priceless Lessons You Will Learn From The TV Show ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’; The Small Bank-Small Business...Read more


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12 Habits Standing Between You and What You Want Small loans are more expensive The Best Career Advice I Ever Heard: 'Dream Big,' 'Don't Fret About Things You Can't Change' And 18 Other Gems Internal recruitment: right or wrong? Interview with Isabelle...Read more


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Small Office Storage Ideas; When You Have To Kill A Man It Costs Nothing To Be Polite; Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?; What Great Entrepreneurs Do Best to Earn Their Fame; Save the Date For These Small Biz Events; Read more


11 Business Ethics Quotes and Ideas I Like

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I shall publish some of my personal insights and favorite quotes about business ethics and the society we live in - in no definite order. Feel free to agree or disagree. You can also leave a comment about your favorites and I may add them quoting your name.  This publication was started in June,...Read more


10 Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time

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MSNBC published a wonderful article about those names that are left somewhere back in history but marked the entrepreneurial evolution. Here are the people and their deeds: 1. King Croesus – We owe him the cash flow as he contributed with the first coinage; 2. Pope Sixtus IV – He...Read more


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Five Characteristics of A Successful Entrepreneur; Social Business Comes To LeWeb; Learning To Work A Free-Agent Economy To Your Advantage; Building The Start-up Dream Team; Building A Business Without Outside Capital Read more


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Some Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Relocate For A Job asking questions in your post-interview thank-you note Use Facebook for Recruiting Some Jobs That Don't Require A Bachelor's Degree Ingredients of a Successful Team Read more


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Same clothes on a second interview How To Speak Your Mind So Others Listen Some Reasons Why Your Employees Hate You How to Hire Entry-Level Employees ? Have you ever wondered if you're a lousy boss "I dont need those in my resume!" This is what could happen if you...Read more


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Making the Most of Mentorship; English Lessons; Creating An Innovation Culture: Accepting Failure is Necessary; 3 Key Components to Implement Your Next Big Idea; Health Care Reform: Four Companies That Are Leading Change Read more


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Do your Managers Know How to Manage People? How to change your job without quitting it The best wey to improve yourself is when you ask yourself Sample Questions to ask in Your 360 Reviews Few Ways to Get Discovered in Your Career Dont use those words in your resume ! Read more


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Is It Too Easy to Start a Startup?; Letting The Entrepreneurs In; Who Should Take a Leadership Course?; Why Work Does NOT Have To Be Fulfilling; 5 Ways To Grow Professionally While Helping Others Read more


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The Entrepreneur's Dilemma; 6 Entrepreneurs Who Turned Service Into A Career; I Run The World's Most Dysfunctional Company; The myth of the super-manager; Customers: love 'em or lose 'em Read more


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Do employers really care where you got your degree? Interview with a HR director at AppSense. What should I do if I feel unprepared to get a job in my field? Things to do, when you are asked for salary requirements Read more


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Building a Culture of Innovation Which is the most powerful department in the world ? No good deed goes unpunished Resumes and what are they about   Read more


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Want to Start a Business With Little Money and Effort?; Entrepreneurs Need to Brand Themselves First; Ticketing systems: What You Need to Know; 5 Reasons a Startup Mentor Need Not Be Your Friend; How to Build and Sell Superior Products -- A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs; Read more


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10 Feel Good Thoughts for a Bad Day; Avoid Email Overload: 5 Tips; The Only Management Strategy You'll Ever Need; Better way of thinking about risk; Why smart people are so stupid; The Molecule Behind Effective Teamwork; Read more


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Making Sure 'Busy' Doesn't Lead to Burnout; Does Salary Equal Success? New CareerBuilder Survey; my new boss is hard to work with; Why "Urgent" Is Not a Priority; Protect Your Company From Fired Employees: 8 Steps; Read more


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Be Graceful Under Pressure: 7 Tips Why You Should Hire Like a Rock Band Prepping for the Big Meeting: 6 Tips How To Make Yourself A Morning Person Work Relationships - What's Love Got to Do With It? Online job opportunities for HR staff increase by 12% since May 2011 Read more


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Having trouble blending social into your HR and Recruiting game? Soon, you can be there without actually being there; Cultural Fit Versus Skills: What’s More Important When Recruiting Candidates?; 3 Questions You Must Ask During A Performance Review; How to Find Your Company's...Read more


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Selling Yourself in 45 Seconds or Less; Turning current job into a dream job; 4 Reasons You Can't Execute; 6 Must-Ask Questions Will Keep Your Career on Track; Three Rules for Making Yourself Indispensable at Work; Read more


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Why And How I Became An Entrepreneur; Ways to Obtain Financial Solutions for Small Businesses; Are you as Honest as you Think You Are? The Leadership and Character Conondrum; Trying to Maintain Your Online Reputation; To Succeed as an Entrepreneur, Know Your Customer; How to...Read more


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A New Manager's Guide to Changing Relationships; 6 Exercises To Strengthen Compassionate Leadership; Do you need a business plan to launch a business?; Airtime: How Long Will It Remain On Facebook?; Who Is Your Business Competition?; 7 Attributes of a True Entrepreneur,...Read more


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Leadership Tips; Even Startups Can’t Innovate Without a Process; 7 Ways to Make Your Small Business Stand Out Online; How My Book Became A (Self-Published) Best Seller; Social Entrepreneurs Need to Make Money Too; How Small Shops Economize by Sharing Space Read more


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To Start A Business...; 6 Practical Exercises To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Fears; Turning An Idea Into A Business; Nine Innovative Food Websites You Can't Live Without; How To Create A Career Path When Your Job Doesn't Have One; How to Ignore Bad Advice; What...Read more


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Passionate Leaders Aren't Loud - They're Deep; Are You An Entrepreneur?; From Idea to Business: Follow Your Dream; The First Step In Building A Great Team; Entrepreneurs: Live and Run Your Business – Anywhere, Anytime Read more