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Nick Shopov


5 Ways to Brand Your Name Professionally

Category: Leadership | |

You must take a side! You cannot be indifferent anymore because the digital world is taking over. You have a choice to be “invisible” online or brand your “visibility”. Taken down to operational level you have the choice to use all the tools available to make yourself known with...Read more


Българи, не се оплаквайте!

Category: Economy & Finance | |

По-рано тази година едно изображение стана вирусно в уеб пространството след като го публикувах на nickshopov.com Много хора видяха нещо неизказано в българското общество – волята и вярата, че нашето бъдеще и щастие трябва да започне от самите нас, да се заличи негативизма и очакването, че политиците...Read more


Customized Kanban Tool to Manage Your Business (File Template)

Category: Leadership | |

There is a tool gaining much popularity in the Business managerial communities nowadays. Moreover it is well related to the Business Intelligence industry in terms of getting the needed at the right time. It is actually an old tool in a new disguise – Kanban is a concept related to the Lean and Just...Read more


9 Lean Startup Pivots When Your Business Needs a Change

Category: Leadership | |

Do you feel it is time for a change? Leading a team or a whole business requires much responsibility and decision making quickly and efficiently. We presented a nice handy tool, the Customized Kanban Tool, that helps in Business Administration to plan, design, run and monitor experiments using metrics from...Read more


4 урока по пътя от Варна до Харвард

Category: Leadership | |

След 2 магистратури в България и специализация в Германия имах възможността да се сблъскам и с американските академични и предприемачески традиции. Това се случи в обменен проект, субсидиран от фондация Америка за България и администриран от Института за Международно Образование. Програмата цели да...Read more


I Asked 21 Entrepreneurs How They Define Success. This Is What They Said

Category: Leadership | |

Being an entrepreneur is like hiking in the mountain – the lower you are, the more attractive the top looks like; the higher you are, the more attractive the foot of the mountain looks like. Truth is that entrepreneurship is a mountain path full of obstacles, privation and burdens few people are...Read more


93% of Recruiters Use LinkedIn When Hiring

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

Not using LinkedIn yet? The professional web platform is getting bigger and bigger due to the increasing number of recruiters who prefer your online CV than the paper one. 92% of 1 000 recruiters reply that they plan to use the network in 2012. This is a 9% increase from 2011. Is your profile...Read more


Съобщение от Anonymous против bTV или поредната машинация?

Category: Economy & Finance | |

Днес в интернет пространството се появи съобщение от Anonymous против bTV Media Group. Малко в духа на световната конспирация се повдигнаха и следните въпроси: 1. Съобщението наистина ли е от групировката или не? И всъщност има ли значение кой стои зад него, ако казва истината или не? 2. Дали...Read more