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11 Business Ethics Quotes and Ideas I Like

Category: Leadership | |

I shall publish some of my personal insights and favorite quotes about business ethics and the society we live in - in no definite order. Feel free to agree or disagree. You can also leave a comment about your favorites and I may add them quoting your name.  This publication was started in June,...Read more


10 Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time

Category: Leadership | |

MSNBC published a wonderful article about those names that are left somewhere back in history but marked the entrepreneurial evolution. Here are the people and their deeds: 1. King Croesus – We owe him the cash flow as he contributed with the first coinage; 2. Pope Sixtus IV – He...Read more


2 Ways to Check Your Personal Timeline And Fan Page Web-worth

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

When I post this baby article on Facebook it will reach about 40% of our fan base. This is sad but true. If you happen to like it and share it, this number increases significantly. And this concept is wonderful! Otherwise we, as users, would have been spammed by all those senseless and ridiculous pages out...Read more


6-те ключа за кариерен успех преди да навършите 25

Category: Leadership | |

„It takes 25 years to become an overnight success” – много го обичам този цитат. Макар и „успехът” да е твърде абстрактно понятие, то поне времето е нещо строго прагматично. Ще споделя с вас какво научих аз през моите първи 25 години, 6-те ключа, които е добре да имате на...Read more