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Nick Shopov


9 Excuses That I Heard And 9 Answers That I Gave | Nick Shopov

Category: Leadership | |

People can look for excuses or they can look for solutions, but they cannot do both in the same time. Here is a list of common excuses I heard and what I replied about them... Excuse #1: I don’t have enough money. NS: Be the best in what you are doing and money will flow. Be critical for what...Read more


On The Meaning of Life via Victor Frankl

Category: Leadership | |

[..] The question was whether an ape which was being used to develop poliomyelitis serum, and for this reason punctured again and again, would ever be able to grasp the meaning of its suffering. Unanimously, the group replied that of course it would not; with its limited intelligence, it could not enter...Read more


Why the Ice Bucket is an Ice Bucket

Category: Marketing & Social Media | |

Recently you may have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge or seen famous people on TV pour a bucket of water over themselves (or a bucket of cash as Charlie Sheen did). This campaign aims to raise awareness of the ALS disease. 1. So what is ALS? ALS, aka Lou Gehrig Disease is a non-infectious deadly...Read more


Do Not Think of Work as a Burden

Category: Leadership | |

Don't think of work as a burden, work is the common language between all living creatures. It is a wonderful way to express yourself, to show the world what you care about and what you are capable of. This is just as true for a bird building a nest for its family, as to a miner breaking rocks to bring...Read more


Този пост не е за банките, а за хората | Ник Шопов

Category: Leadership | |

Този пост ще е толкова актуален днес, колкото и след 1 седмица като целия този каламбур от глупави анализи за стабилността на българската банкова система премине. Та се замислих над някои въпроси... 1. За банките… … оставете да говорят цифрите и компетентните хора и институции, които...Read more


4 истини за успеха | Ник Шопов

Category: Leadership | |

Успехът в живота е нещо много лично, защото зависи от личната дефиниция за успех. Общото между всички ни, обаче, е желанието да бъдем успешни в една или друга сфера от живота си. През годините стигнах до някои истини, които мога да споделя с вас. 1. Истината за успеха, е че зависи от личната ви...Read more


How to Become a Respected Leader | Nick Shopov

Category: Leadership | |

Recently I came back to this old good quote: “Nobody loves managers, everybody loves leaders.” Love is very personal – let’s call it respect. How to be respected leader in your organization and how to become a respected manager in your team? Here are my top 3 actionable goals that I...Read more


10 типа вечно отлагащи хора. Ще разпознате ли себе си?

Category: Leadership | |

„От утре” – звучи колкото дефинитивно, толкова и нереалистично. Всеки от нас обича да впише в ангажиментите си нещо „за утре”, а в някои латино култури това дори се е превърнало в национална черта на характера. Да заслепим съвестта си е умение, което някои от нас са развили до...Read more