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B2B Barter

As clearly stated in our Advertising Manifesto MBN News aims to serve the local business and build sustainable Business to Business (B2B) cooperation with organizations and corporations of any kind anywhere around the world.

In order to put a put a formal framework for this service we created the B2B Barter Program so we can mutually benefit from our services and grow for free! Here are the organizations that we already partner with: Partners of MBN News.

We can do the following for your business:

1. Contribute to the link building of your website or blog
2. Promote an event or program
3. Review and publish an article about your product or service
4. Present your company or startup
5. Connect you with the right people and business through our personal networks
6. Anything else that may help you build your business and is not in conflict with our Vision.

Simply contact us on office@morningBizNews.com and we will get back to you in less than 48h.

Let’s grow together for free!

Best Regards,
MBN News