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MBN News is known as The Independent Business Blogging Community. We provide Business Blogging training, branding and a web platform to all professionals who seek to publish their knowledge, experience and opinion on business issues. On blog level we consolidate over 800 web sources to feature the daily top trending articles in each of our business related categories.

Our Vision

MBN News disrupts the web advertising model and aims to create a sustainable management model that can maintain financial and editorial independence and reach unlimited, geography independent, multilingual professional network.

Our Goals

We shall do our best to attract young professionals to our mission and give them a tribune to speak their own mind openly and freely.

We shall bootstrap as long as possible to avoid any corporate or political interference in our publications.

We shall support any social cause or corporate product that we believe in and avoid anything that interferes with our principles.

We shall do our best to respond to each inquiry in less than 48 hours and maintain flawless communication with anyone who would like to get in contact with us.

Our Story

The MorningBizNews idea started in July 2011 as an individually driven social media project aiming to aggregate important headlines in the field of Economics. Due to the public interest and demand the founder initiated a recruitment campaign in 11.2011, and hence in 12.2011 the MBN Team was introduced.

The fast growth resulted in the birth of 6 new sections in the field of Business Administration and popularity increase of 135 827 people reached in the second week of June, 2012. This we call great responsibility since so far we have not spent a single dollar on paid advertisement and count on the value we create and the professional network we maintain. On June 18th, 2012, the new MBN News website was introduced to the public.

On 8 Oct 2012 MBN put its focus on empowering professionals to speak freely about their insights on business. MBN News re-branded to become "The Independent Business Blogging Community".