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2 Ways to Check Your Personal Timeline And Fan Page Web-worth

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When I post this baby article on Facebook it will reach about 40% of our fan base. This is sad but true. If you happen to like it and share it, this number increases significantly. And this concept is wonderful! Otherwise we, as users, would have been spammed by all those senseless and ridiculous pages out there and never get anything valuable. Talking about valuable content I shall discuss two completely independent from one another metrics that judge your fan page (and personal account) on Facebook. One is the Edge rank (by Facebook) and the other is Page Rank (by Google).

1. Edge Rank [ER]

ER is the algorithm developed by Facebook to determine whether a post will appear on one’s wall or not: ER = f(u, w, d). Three factors are considered when calculating the ER:
- User Affinity – this is the one-way relationship between the “Wall owner” and the “Post owner” and examines how often any interactions between the two have happened. Hence the more you interact (clicked, liked, previewed, shared, commented, etc.) with somebody, the higher chance they reach your Wall again.

- Weight – this is the type of interaction between the two. Generally [Shares > Comments > Likes > Views] and in terms of the content interaction [Videos > Photos > Status Updates > Links].

- Time Decay – this refers to the age of the post pending, i.e. the older the post is, the less chance that it appears to your wall.

Of course it is easy to guess that the F function is private to Facebook so we can only guess what is the relation between the variables.

Check your Fan Page Edge Rank:

There is a free tool out there that aggregates mass public information to check your score. Go and test your page. Score 11-20 is considered average, score over 31 is considered excellent. Feel free to leave a comment to this article with your FB Page and score if you rate excellent. We scored 65!

2. Page Rank [PR]

PR is the Google’s way to say how worth your web page is. Wikipedia published an article roughly explaining the PR. Yet consider that (1) it is a patented trademark by Google and is kept secret and (2) it changes multiple times a year to adjust to the web reality. There is a whole bunch of SEO professionals that deal with this matter so I am not going any further in this. PR ranking measures from 0 to 10 and is based on three main issues:
- The on-page optimization, i.e. the code structure of your page;
- Content value on your page;
- Off-page optimization - references to your website from other web sources.


The reason I am combining the two ranking systems is that I recently paid attention that my personal Timeline (PR4) on Facebook and the MBN News Fan Page (PR5) are both assigned a PR (different from Facebook’s own, which is PR9).

Consequently in SEO perspective it makes sense that an interaction with a top PR FB User/Page is more valuable to your web recognition. It also gave me curiosity outburst to see my friends’ Facebook PR and what Google thinks of them.

So what's your web worth? Connect with me to raise the bar.