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64% of Organizations Are Investing or Planning to Invest in BigData Technologies in 2013

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Gartner Inc. published this year’s survey on the trends in #BigData technologies. Here is my summary of the top 5 conclusions I drew back from the results.

Nick Shopov is a BI/DWH Software Developer with 3 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse technologies, Project Management and Leadership coaching.

(1) Not surprisingly the investment in Business Intelligence (BI) and BigData continue to rise – 64% of organizations are utilizing the technologies in 2013 compared to 58% in 2012.

(2) Media, communications, banking and services are the industries with leading big data investment.

(3) The top 2 mentioned benefits of using the BI BigData technologies are (1) improve process efficiency and (2) understanding customer needs.

(4) 43% of the respondents build on the information in order to help their business while 23% monetize data directly by knowledge reselling and consulting.

(5) Biggest obstacle ahead is for the companies who struggle to turn big data into valuable actionable information. Here is where Business Intelligence comes to service.