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Business Intelligence Dictionary: Tables And Views Explained | NSBI

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Data is grouped together into larger units that represent a single subject or process. These structures are most commonly known as tables.

Database Tables | Definition

NSBI Dictionary defines Tables as a logical structure that represents a set of fields and tuples associated with them. Based on the kind of fields this table is primarily designer for, tables may also be referred to as:

• Dimension Tables - holds dimensions
• Lookup Tables - holds static dimensions that represent a finite range of known values (e.g. list of continents)
• Fact Tables - holds facts
• Factless Fact Table - holds Facts that don't have a natural numeric measure associated (e.g. events)
• Summary Facts Tables - holds aggregated measures
• Linking Tables - holds the foreign keys of multiple Many-to-Many related tables during normalization.

NSBI Tutorials aim to make Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DWH) attractive to non-technical people as well as to those who are now entering the field and are excited by the numerous ways data is changing our world. NSBI Tutorials are written and delivered by Nick Shopov, (BI Software Developer & DWH Consultant).

Database Views | Definition

NSBI Dictionary defined Views as logical virtual tables built from a query run against the original data schema. Views exist only as a definition and are re-created every time data is retrieved. Database Views are used primarily to provide security restriction over the original Database Tables as well as to filter or aggregate data from one or more Database Tables.