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Customized Kanban Tool to Manage Your Business (File Template)

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There is a tool gaining much popularity in the Business managerial communities nowadays. Moreover it is well related to the Business Intelligence industry in terms of getting the needed at the right time. It is actually an old tool in a new disguise – Kanban is a concept related to the Lean and Just in Time (JIT) production in Japan and literally means “Signboard”.

The concept
I started using the Kanban methodology in the MBN Media management in response to the Lean Startup movement, inspired by Riese’s book “The Lean Startup”. Simply said the Kanban tool allows you to plan, design, run and monitor experiments in the development of a product and/or running entire organization.

In Riese’s book it is used to put on paper the results to the Lean “Build-Measure-Learn” loop where an entrepreneur constantly searches for assumptions validation through building minimum viable products (MVPs) and measure the user acceptance. Yet there are a number of free visual web tools you may want to try out. Since I am a spreadsheet person I found it much more convenient to simply customize the tool to my own needs and create a simple spreadsheet for desktop (Dropbox synced) usage.

Customized Kanban Tool
You can download the free spreadsheet tool from this link (click File / Download or just [ctrl+S] on the keyboard to download)

• [B] Backlog – I have an idea to test an assumption
• [D] Developing – I am developing the MVP to test an assumption
• [T] Testing – I am in the process of getting the data from users
• [V] Validated – Analyzing the data and coming up with a conclusion
You may also want to color highlight the experiments according to their stage with your own color code.

Shortly describe the test your are running or MVP version.

Mark down your expectations from the experiment.

Start & End Metrics:
- Use up to three actionable metrics. Actionable metrics are those strictly related to the user interaction with the experiment. Avoid vanity metrics that may be a result of any other action or inaction related to the product (i.e. if adding a mailing list to a website, measure the email referral traffic, not the change in website hits).

Start & End Dates:
Each experiment is supposed to last no longer than 6 weeks and reach a minimum of 100 people.

Measure results and reach a validated assumption. Record the knowhow and use it!

Actions / Pivots:
No tool is really needed it no actions are to be taken post factum based on the results. Here it is recommended what changes (pivots) you can undertake next (read this article).

Have you been using a similar tool already? Connect with me and let me know.