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7 Realms of Success and Perfectionism - Picked Yours?

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We all live under the same sky but not all of us see the same horizon. This goes for those of you who want to be the best! Truth is I am one of you guys. I love success and I hate failure. I give 110% to be where I want to stand and have what I want. As a result I am who I want to be, have what I want to have and can be wherever I want to be. The tragedy of success is that once I get to my next personal top it is just as high enough as I can see another one in front and start another climb.

I have recently realized that the ultimate success factor is striving for balance in what you find valuable in your life. Here I underline “in your life” as following the social understanding of value might be the biggest mistake in one’s life. I have identified 7 realms of perfectionism that are common to most of us. Do you find yourself there?

1. Success and Perfectionism in Family Life

You try to be the best parent, the best kid and give the best proper treatment to your beloved. You brainstorm how to make everybody happy and meet there expectations before realizing that these are actually your own high expectations towards yourself.

2. Success and Perfectionism in Social Interaction

You try to be in the heart of the company and surrounded by lots of people. You try to help everybody, solve their problems and be the best friend ever. I can’t say it better than Bill Cosby who stated: “I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone”.

3. Success and Perfectionism in Spiritual Growth

If you reached any state of wisdom you have already found the irreplaceable power of your spirit and mental power to go on when everybody else is giving up. You are persuaded that you can do it with the Power of God, yourself or whatever you believe in. Yet, it's good to believe that everything is possible, but it's a suicide to believe that you are capable of everything.

4. Success and Perfectionism in Physical Health

You try to keep that perfect body shape and you are educated enough to realize the importance of your health for everything you want to achieve in your life. Then you realize that there are too many external factors that are not in your power, such as pollution, genetically modified food, etc. and this somehow interferes with you motivation.

5. Success and Perfectionism in Material Possessions

Accepted as a token of social level you buy the next modern and fashionable toy. Then in a few months it’s already old so you have to change it and get the new one that your neighbor shows off with. Yet, remember what Steve Jobs said so well: “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me...”

6. Success and Perfectionism in Hobbies and Recreation

When I was a kid I had this childish addiction to kill the last “boss” of that video game. It developed into a habit to finish all seasons of that sticky Hollywood production and I don’t even want to mention my goal to conquer 40 European countries by the end age of 30. Travelling can enrich my life, social acceptance and personal network but the movie series just lose my time, so I started to align my daily matters with my long-term vision.

7. Success and Perfectionism in Career

Perfectionists tend to rise over many different fields and respectively try different positions where they want to the best. Furthermore they spend time designing and creating the perfect product. The ugly truth in business is that your clients don’t know, don’t need and don’t want your perfect product. Accept that and move on.

For those of you, achievers, who still believe you can excel in everything, I tell you that time is the single thing that is missing in the equation. So pick a few of them and create absolutely strict time management ethics that would allow you to handle what you consider the pillars of your self-fulfillment and success.

“It is easy to defeat others, but way harder to win over yourself “–let this be my challenge to you, achievers. I know how it feels when I tell you that you can’t do it!

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